wotofo serpent smm rta uk

wotofo serpent smm rta ukInnovations are undeniable companions of the US manufacturers.
While ordering the Decodence e-liquid brands presented by URSIMIAN, you will get a standard 30 ml bottle with e-juice as well as an additional 5 ml bottle. It is needed in order to take a small portion of e-liquid with you when necessary. Well, everything is arranged for your convenience as a cheap premium vape juice user!

Now let’s start discussing the aromas. The new line of Decodence e-liquids from URSIMIAN is only presented with three basic wholesale e-juice flavors: Black Cloud, White Cloud, Blue Cloud.

Black Cloud is an unusual aroma that combines such exotic e-liquid ingredients as cinnamon, nutmeg, anise. The result of this combination is a sweet dark-colored e-juice with an amazing aftertaste, in which the spices are ideally balanced.
White Cloud or White Cloud. The refined palette, in which all kinds of vanilla fragrances are collected. It is a cream and vanilla sweet favorite flavor with some notes of citrus, but it is not oversaturated with sweetness and absolutely not cloying, but very soft.

Blue Cloud is something very similar to the image of bohemian winter. The cool absinthe is combined with a strong citrus aroma. The effect of this merger was a unique aftertaste. This taste is interesting because the coolness and freshness of absinthe and the brightness of citrus fruits are gradually replaced by sweet notes.

These three experimental fluids were shortly released by this US Company.
The e-liquid nicotine is proportioned to 6 mg. We hope that this is not the last step and there will also be vape flavors without nicotine. As for the cost of these new e-liquids, their e-liquid wholesale prices are moderate.
We can even say that you buy this Texas vape-liquid cheap.

wotofo serpent smm rta uk