Why does my e-cig consume so much?

For economic, practical and even ecological reasons, it is quite normal to seek to reduce the quantity of liquid consumed. The vape is generally less expensive than the cigarette, but there is no valid reason for wasting liquid. Through this article, we will discuss the reasons for the overconsumption of e-liquid and ways to get around this problem.

Why does my e-liquid consume too quickly?

You notice that the tank of your atomizer is emptying too quickly without understanding the reasons. Here are several possible explanations:

  • The drop in your nicotine level can make you consume more liquid: the e-liquid has a lower nicotine dose and the vaper compensates by increasing the number of inhalations and puffs. So: This is a classic scenario encountered by many vapers: withdrawal gradually reduces the nicotine dosage and you have to know how to adapt your consumption.
  • The basic type PG-VG can also play in the balance. An e-liquid with a majority of VG is vaped with a sub-ohm resistance (therefore powerful) and a fairly high wattage. The production of vapour on the High VG requires a greater quantity of liquid than for the high PG. To go further, you must also take into consideration the type of inhalation (direct or indirect), because it may be this way of consuming that conditions your PG/VG rate. So: 30/70, 20/80 or even 100% VG e-liquids will be consumed more quickly than PG-dominant e-liquids. Who says big cloud says big consumption.
  • A new flavour of e-liquid can also have an impact on your consumption. For example, if you used to vape a fresh menthol in small puffs to appreciate the hit, and you suddenly switch to a round, gourmet e-liquid, you are probably not going to consume it in the same way. Your previous vape rhythm (which has become your reference) is not necessarily the same for all e-liquids. So: each family of flavours has its rhythm of consumption.

How to consume less e-liquid?

We have just discussed it in the previous paragraph: the quantity of e-liquid consumed depends directly on your e-liquid. The nicotine level, the PG/VG ratio as well as the type of aroma will have a direct impact on the amount of e-liquid consumed. If you want to reduce the quantity consumed, you need:

  • readjust your nicotine level if this overconsumption is due to a change in nicotine level. We advise you to return to the previous rate or try to find an intermediate rate;
  • choose a more suitable liquid. E-liquids containing a small amount of PG may not be for you. Feel free to experiment with different PG/VG ratios and settings;
  • Take into consideration that each flavour type vapes differently. It is advisable to adapt your equipment (resistance value, heating power) to obtain the best possible vaping experience.

The Do It Yourself: the vape at a lower cost

Do you want to consume less liquid for purely economic reasons? If despite all these adjustments you feel that your consumption is still excessive, we naturally recommend that you turn to DIY. The DIY vape is a fun way to save money: on average the DIY vape costs 2 times less than the ready-to-vape! Of course, you need a bit of technique and patience, but the result is worth the effort. With the DIY, you will certainly see your expenses decrease, and your wallet will thank you.