Which Drip Tip to choose?

The drip-tip also called the electronic cigarette mouthpiece or vape mouthpiece is one of the most important parts of your electronic cigarette, hey yes! It is he who slips between your lips to channel the steam. They come in all colours: black, white, blue, red, rainbow… of all sizes: small, long, wide, thin of all shapes: conical, bevelled of various materials: drip tip 810 Teflon, resin, metal, glass, Delrin… and finally with multiple functionalities: anti-projection drip tip, anti-bacterial, anti-heat or even anti-reflux drip tip.

But beyond the aesthetic goal, all the same important (just to have an ultra-classy setup), each of these criteria will have its impact on your vape. Except for the colour, of course

The choice of your 810 drip tip or  510 drip tip will also depend on the material used: Dripper, Tank, RDTA. And therefore the positioning of the resistance or the coils. We will therefore see here how to choose the best vaping drip tip according to your needs.

How to choose a drip tip for an electronic cigarette?

  • The length of the vape drip tip will affect the temperature of your vape, which is therefore entirely linked to your style of vaping. 
  • The compatibility of electronic cigarette drip tips can sometimes be a problem. The standard size of a vape mouthpiece, used by the majority of atomizers, is 510.
  • Drip tip 810 or drip tip 510, the diameter has a big role in the vapour you want to obtain. A wide bore drip tip, with a large diameter, will give you more vapour and it will be airier. With a tighter diameter, the vapour will be more concentrated and the flavours more intense. 
  • This magical moment when you want to take a good puff, but a good squirt of liquid comes to settle on your lips the 810 / 510 anti-projection drip tip was precisely designed to avoid it!

Which drip tip material to choose?

Metallic materials are to be avoided on top-coil atomizers (resistors or coils on the top) RDTA type for example. The metal parts do not insulate any heat, the heating of the coil leads to a rise in the temperature of the drip tip and the risk of burning you is present.

The 810 or 510 Delrin drip tips are the most common in the world of vaping today. Very good insulator, it is appreciated for its heat resistance. Another of its strengths is it’s high tensile and impact resistance. Its resistance to creep (deformation) is also very good.

Its colour is naturally white but you can find it in more colourful forms.

The Teflon drip tip offers excellent heat resistance, comfort and a more pleasant touch than Delrin. The 810 Teflon or 510 Teflon drip tip is very popular with many vapers and offers a wide choice of shapes. 

The Ultem is more and more present on the mouthpieces of vapers. It is a very solid naturally amber material and resists very high temperatures.

Currently, many vapers wish to match their box/mod with their electronic cigarette mouthpiece. Many vape drip tips have been created with this in mind, so you can find Teflon or resin drip tips with random colours. Manufacturers also play a lot on materials such as pyrex, wood with the short wooden drip tip, for example, acrylic and even stone. What personalizes your vape and your setup as you wish. The best sellers of the moment are the 810 conical drip tip, the 810 Teflon drip tip, the 510 anti projection drip tip, the drip tip 810 anti projection or the anti-reflux drip tip. After reading our guide, you now know which drip tip to choose!

Clean your electronic cigarette drip tip

Anti-reflux drip-tip, anti-splash drip-tip, 810 Teflon drip-tip, conical drip-tip. The vape tip offers a multitude of choices both aesthetically and functionally, so take care. Regular cleaning is important! Pass it under hot water or more completely in an ultrasonic bath.