The vape is the most popular and certainly the most effective substitute for quitting smoking. This undeniable success is undoubted because vaping knows how to evolve and follow trends and technological developments. The many manufacturers are fighting hard to stand out and many are betting on the multiplication of modes to get out of the game. Sometimes excessive, not always useful, some modes have nevertheless become real standards that can be found on the majority of boxes but also tubular mods. What can these various parameters be used for?


Equipment manufacturers quickly understood that it was necessary to give vapers the possibility of being able to manage the power of their mod to obtain the most pleasant vape that is closest to their desires. From this observation, the major brands have started to integrate adjustable voltages into their mods. This very common parameter in the first generations of electronic cigarettes was adjusted via a ring and gave the possibility of increasing or decreasing the intensity and directly influencing the production of vapour and the sensation in the throat. The black point, this setting only applied to relatively high resistances… It was all the same at the beginning of the customizable vape! But as in the vape we never rest on our laurels, a new mode quickly took over: variable wattages. The principle is substantially the same. But here, the adjustment of the watts is much more precise than that of the voltages and you can refine your adjustment to the watt. A real revolution that has made it possible to adapt to all resistance values ​​and give birth to the sub-ohm. Naturally, this very accessible mode very quickly imposed itself and became the most widespread. Tested and approved!


After a few years without any real evolution, the e-cigarette has seen the arrival of new settings such as temperature control or TCR. With the initial ambition to provide an ever more precise vape, to be less energy-consuming but also to increase the life of the coils, the temperature control makes it possible to change the temperature. With this mode, the heating coefficient is determined beforehand by the box and all you have to do is manage the desired temperature. But, because there is a but, this system can only work with certain types of threads. SS316L, titanium or nichrome are the main resistive wires that accept this relatively complex parameter to set up. However, the temperature control is not as precise as the TCR, which is reserved for real experts. With this mode similar to the first, we must set its heating coefficient…. It is quite laborious and the result is not always there.


Fortunately, other modes that are very present today are much easier to access. This is for example the case of Bypass. By selecting the latter on your mod, you will ask your box or tube to deliver the most appropriate power according to the resistance set-up. The operation is identical to that of a mechanical mod with the difference that here, all the securities are present and that the power delivered during the vape will be constant. No voltage drop in sight! It is undoubtedly the perfect mode for all those who wish to vape without feeling the need to manage anything… and there are many of them!


The last most common mode but not necessarily the most used is the Curve. Countless boxes offer this very interesting parameter. It allows you to adjust the power step by step and to determine for how many seconds this value should be delivered. This is ideal when you have a somewhat recalcitrant coil that is acting up and takes a long time to heat up. Via the Curve mode, you can ask the box to send, for example, 40 watts for one second and then go down to 35 watts. Ingenious, this oh-so-effective system is also very simple to set up. But good! Some hardware has a more or less similar system called preheat. When pressing the fire, the mod will send a power higher than that requested for a few milliseconds to instantly heat the coil. The rendering is identical but here the box manages this for you. We are well supported!


The existing modes are as numerous as the profiles of vapers. Typically, we use the wattage mode. But sometimes, curiosity, which is not a bad thing contrary to what they say, pushes us to try various things. Do not hold back, try the modes offered by your boxes or mods and you will know what suits you best. With such possibilities, you can’t find the mode you like. The only criteria to respect: have fun and do not set safety aside! The most intrepid equipped with boxes integrating a DNA chipset will even use the Escribe software which gives the possibility of fully configuring each setting. It’s yet another universe.