The electronic cigarette is an e-liquid vaporizer, that is to say, it heats an e-liquid composed of glycerine, aromas, and, if you wish, pure nicotine until it evaporates. Unlike the traditional cigarette, there is no combustion with the electronic cigarette. By opting for the electronic cigarette, you can therefore say goodbye to tar and the countless harmful substances produced by cigarette smoke! Electronic cigarette vapour has less of an impact on your health than tobacco because there are fewer dangerous substances and, above all, the vapour produced is much cooler than the combustion of a traditional cigarette.


The enormous advantage of the electronic cigarette, however, lies in the fact that it allows you to keep the same gestures as your traditional cigarette while allowing you to deliver the desired amount of nicotine. The cravings that you may have experienced during previous attempts to quit smoking will not be felt with electronic cigarettes and nicotine e-liquids. The fact of vaping here and there during the day will make you forget the traditional cigarette and will allow you to wean yourself from tobacco in all serenity. The smoker who watches over you will quickly be replaced by an informed vaper who wishes to preserve his health.


And rather than covering your clothes with the smell of cold tobacco or even ashtrays, you will now give off delicious scents of mint, strawberry or cookie: in short, tasty aromas are rather likely to whet your appetite! Liquids for electronic cigarettes are full of flavours, each more succulent than the other, you can opt for the purchase of a fruity, gourmet, classic or even minty liquid. 


The electronic cigarette also allows you to make substantial savings. Tobacco addiction is very expensive, and this is on a rhythm as regular as that of a metronome. Depending on the material you have chosen, the electronic cigarette can allow you to seriously reduce your budget.


The vape is finally a real pleasure, which provides sensations close to those that can be appreciated in the world of gastronomy. Each e-liquid conceals mountains of subtleties that your palate will soon enjoy identifying!