VaporFi Rebel II Review – the retrospective

VaporFi Rebel II Review – the retrospective

The VaporFi Rebel II is simply the ideal personal vaporizer that is known quite accessible. It offers performance identical to that of the ProVari — better if you need additional half amp of headroom with low-resistance attachments — and comes at a far lower cost for a full kit.

The included dual-coil glass tank system has no analogs, with enormous vapor clouds at any voltage setting and pure, clean flavor. Although, one has nothing against the simple design of the ProVari’s one-button control system, one would much prefer the three-button system of the Rebel II for fast adjustments.

If you are, nevertheless, interested in sub-ohm vaping and creating your own atomizer coils, neither the Rebel II nor the ProVari would be the necessary device for you. In this case, you should look at the VaporFi VOX 50 instead for better orientation. Otherwise, the Rebel II is the ideal personal vaporizer for any chain e-smoker. This device is going to surprise you, and it’s not going to be a major sum amount on your bank account. You might even consider buying the Rebel II if you are an experienced smoker and don’t own an e-cigarette yet; because it’s so easy to fill and use. The Rebel II essentially has no learning difficulties.

For serious vapers who are searching for a nearly perfect APV that offers a personalized vaping experience, the VaporFi Rebel II starter kit is the best example of the brand.It may be a tad heavy compared to the other vape pens, but it compensates with a high quality build.If you want adjustable air and juice flow, and adjustable throat hits and vaping, then it may be well worth it to become the part of your life.

For better understanding, view the Rebel II at the VaporFi website.