V2 Pro Series 3 – The positive aspects

V2 Pro Series 3 – the positive aspects

The V2 Pro Series 3 is the innovative multi-medium vaporizer from VMR Products. It comprises e-liquids and additional attachments, concentrates and loose-leaf as well, will help you get the most satisfaction without classic smoke.

This product is regarded as the best one because of price-performance ratio in the industry to date, first vaporizer created from the ground up for e-liquid, loose leaf and essential oils, magnetic experimental components are both intelligent and convenient, and what is the most important – it possesses a completely leak-free cartridge design.

The current generation of portable vaporizers is divided into one of two broad categories: well-built but expensive, like the Firefly or inexpensive yet light, like the Sutra from GotVape. The V2 Pro strives to offer the best of both worlds: a high-quality, versatile, portable vape that won’t cost you a fortune.

You decide whether you like the product. But if you are already in the market for an e-cig, you will have to like or dislike. Since the wax canister later this fall and a loose leaf unit aren’t out yet though, you’re in for a little bit of a wait for full functionality.

If you’re searching for a multi-medium vape for right this second, your best bet might be the Zeus Thunder. However, come fall and the release of the other two canisters, the V2 Pro Series 3 is shaping up to be a fantastic vaporizing system, and it’s already great at what it does right now. You can buy the Series 3 anytime just to experiment and play with the features of this e-cig.