Tobacco Pure Volcano Liquid

Tobacco Pure Volcano Liquid

For Tobacco Pure, Volcano decided to diversify its regular Tobacco liquid with the addition of a real tobacco extract. Tobacco Pure Volcano liquid tastes very sweet and unique.

So, as we mentioned – Tobacco Pure is derived from actual tobacco extract and provides a medium-bodied and leafy vape. Pure hints of roasted almonds, dried raisins and trace elements of clove make this an unbelievable re-production of a tobacco cigarette.

This E-Liquid will give you the truest notion of flavor of Tabacco Pure. Hand mixed in the US from the genuine artificial; Tobacco Pure is the best demonstration of an analog cigarette in the market. This flavor is the closest proof of a traditional tobacco cigarette flavor. However, as tobacco leaves are used, this flavor does include tobacco specific carcinogens called nitrosamines.

It represents a great help for those who are eager to taste various liquids, switch from one already known to unknown one. This is actually how any smoker can adopt in the world of electronic cigarettes.

So, this e-liquid is apparently the right choice for some people who are ready for new discoveries and finds. Every e-liquid has something special to offer. It is up to a smoker whether the given flavor interests him or not. The main thing is not to be afraid of tasting and changing your preferences.