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Tobacco E-Cigarette Flavors

Tobacco E-Cigarette Flavors

Tobacco e-cigarette flavors are very special because there are so many different types of tobacco, and every e-liquid vendor has a slightly different concept of the elements needed to achieve those flavors.

If you’re trying to recreate the taste of a cigarette, for example, do you opt for the dry, ashy taste of a Marlboro? Or, do you experiment to recreate the rich, dark taste of a Davidoff? What flavors will you add to your e-cigarette liquid to get that taste without tobacco or burning? If you’re an inveterate smoker who really loves tobacco, this has to be the most interesting e-cigarette flavor category because there’s no end to the possibilities and alternatives at all.

Picking a different flavor means a break from the old habit. Once you move from another flavor whether it is fruity, spicy, warm, cold or icy to tobacco, you will realize that you rarely go back to the tobacco flavor. It makes it easier to cease. You’ve not only taken away the actual “classic” cigarette and replaced it with an electronic cigarette; you have taken away the usual tobacco taste and smell.

Once you move from other flavors to tobacco, if you try and have a “real” cigarette, you will find that it can be great making such experiments from time to time. Breaking away from the habit in this manner is a really good idea and you will see what you are trying to do when you change it for yourself.