Tips for getting started

Do you want to discover the joy of quitting smoking? So we offer you some tips that will be very useful for successfully switching to vaping serenely. Remember that quitting smoking is not an easy task and it also requires willpower. Set yourself an achievable goal and anchor in your head all the benefits of quitting smoking!

Reliable information

To obtain reliable advice, it is essential to go to a specialized electronic cigarette store. For what reasons? They are numerous… above all, they have the technical knowledge necessary to understand the use of the vape. They will be able to explain to you the composition of the liquids, the way of operating, and the equipment adapted to your profile. They take the time with you to satisfy you and find personalized solutions. Moving forward together is the motto of these professionals!

The selection of your first electronic cigarette is essential to ensure that you enjoy vaping in the best conditions!


Despite the false information that circulates on nicotine, it is necessary to know and understand that nicotine is not carcinogenic! It is addictive but not harmful. If you start vaping without nicotine, your chances of success are slim because you will quickly crave nicotine and this will generate unnecessary stress in you!

Don’t be afraid to take nicotine. The dosage of nicotine in your vial must be related to the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Your specialized merchant will be able to explain the rate that will be suitable for you. The hit in the throat is part of the pleasure expected when smoking so this pleasure must continue.

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The organization

Another tip that needs to be incorporated into that of the organization. Indeed, very quickly we realize that the battery is discharging, that the vials of E-liquids are emptying and that the resistance is damaged. So to avoid these inconveniences and succeed in vaping stress-free, a few tips:

  • connect your battery every night at the same time as your laptop, to avoid breaking down
  • for heavy vapers consider batteries with removable batteries and independent chargers to have more autonomy
  • you can consider having 2 electronic cigarettes to always have one in advance
  • buy E-liquids by a lot so you don’t miss out and in addition by a lot it’s cheaper…
  • always have on your resistance in advance because once defective it is not advisable to continue vaping

If you follow all these tips you will have neither stress nor the temptation to go buy cigarettes.

The method

To optimize the way of vaping it is important to make long vapes to inhale the nicotine well and thus avoid cravings. It is also necessary to wait a few seconds between each vape to allow time for the E-liquid to penetrate the cotton of the resistance. This method will allow you to extend the life of your coils.

We also recommend drinking more water than usual because the propylene found in E-liquids dries out the throat. This will prevent you from coughing and having an unpleasant feeling. To avoid having symptoms following dehydration (nausea, headaches…) not to be confused with an overdose of nicotine…drink water and it will roll!

You do not put water in your lungs it is quite the opposite. Another misconception!

And above all the pleasure

Yes, yes and yes you have to have fun vaping! How to do it? It’s very simple, the choice of your E-liquid will allow you to feel real sensations of pleasure. So be attentive to your desires and let go!!! There is something for all tastes…fruity, gourmet, minty and recently there is the tobacco macerate which has met with real success. A natural flavour that comes closest to a cigarette flavour.

According to scientific consensus, vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, so you have no more excuses to give up that cigarette that is killing you little by little…Don’t forget the gains of quitting smoking. cigarette. Beyond the financial aspect, if you divide your budget by at least 5, your environment will change. No more bad smells, better breath, more pleasant breath, more radiant skin!

So with these tips go for this new world of VAPE that will give you pleasure and better health!