The US Juul pods in UK to join the new e-cigarette overspreading

US Juul pods in UKThe manufacturing company from sunny California has grown up in recent years with vaporizers: these are the evaporators, where you fill solid substances and get started. After all, in California, all sorts of herbs are more or less freely available, buzzing in which the store quite nice and meanwhile have quite a lot for the promotion of the US Juul pods in UK.

This knowledge has now been redirected into new directions: the market of smokers who want to quit, but who do not get along well with an e-cigarette, is growing. The most common criticism of smokers is the lack of sensation of the so-called hit-throat when steaming – that simply means that the e-cigarette does not scratch as nice in the throat as a pyro. In addition, the effect of nicotine is simply too long in coming – and that’s exactly what smokers need.
Pax has now set itself the goal of solving these problems and launched an e-cigarette of a different kind, the Juul.

While commercial e-cigarettes vaporize liquid liquids, the Juul uses small cartridges containing additional nicotine salts. This dosage form causes scratching and the level of nicotine in the blood rises at a rate similar to that of a conventional cigarette.

The matter is the same to promote the US Juul pods in UK.

The product, which by the way was already voted the entry-level e-cigarette of the year, not only convinces with its steam behavior. The design also pleases, because the developers wanted to develop the iPhone for steamer with this device. Especially like the easy handling of this e-cigarette: Simply put in the charging station (is held by a magnet), insert the liquid cartridge. No tedious filling, cleaning, rebuilding.
The automatic temperature control ensures that the steam quality is consistently high and the enjoyment is consistent. Approximately 200 trains (equal to 1 packet of cigarettes) are steamed per load. Within an hour, the device will recharge at the USB port, which will then also acknowledge the green battery light.

The new idea is to spread the US Juul pods in UK.