The Tank system: how does it work?

Electronic cigarette Ego-T… 510-T… This “T” stands for “Tank”. The electronic cigarette models with the letter “T” are models with tank systems or Tank systems. The particularity of these models is the fact that they are both simple and comfortable to use.

The Tank system revolutionized the first electronic cigarette systems that used fibre or metal filler to retain e-liquid. The Tank system, therefore, works differently. In this innovative system, the wick of an atomizer is fed directly from the reservoir.

It is the cartridge itself that is designated here by the term “tank”. In an electronic cigarette with the Tank system, the cartridge is pierced by the beak made of metal on the atomizer and the atomizer itself contains a wick which is connected directly to the resistor. The resistor then heats the e-liquid. The e-liquid is vaporized and this allows the electronic inhaler to produce a vapour that perfectly imitates the real smoke released by a classic cigarette. It is at the bottom of the atomizer, at the level of the notches, that the aspiration of air is done by the vaper. When the air reaches the atomizer, it is mixed with the heated e-liquid

The air rises in the atomizer and is mixed with the e-liquid already heated by the resistance, the whole then turns into vapour which emerges from the electronic cigarette and which appears like real smoke.

Using an electronic cigarette model with a “tank” system has many positive points. With this system, the user of the electronic cigarette is no longer obliged to refill his cartridge frequently with E-liquid. These models also allow a use that is both quick and more practical. The Tank system saves a lot of autonomy!

Beginner, as an insider, if you want to benefit from the optimal functioning of your electronic inhaler, the models with a Tank system can guarantee you very good moments of vaping, while preserving your capital Health!

Don’t wait any longer to make the right choice with electronic cigarettes!

E-liquid: making the right choice

No longer being able to climb a few steps…fed up with shortness of breath at the slightest physical exertion…you have finally decided to put an end to tar cigarettes once and for all…Goodbye lighters, goodbye stinky ashtrays…Electronic cigarette in hand, you are ready for a better life…but now you have a slight problem: what e-liquid to use? Do not panic! This article will help you a lot!

The choice of e-liquid that will recharge your electronic cigarette is very important because if you ever make the wrong choice the first time, you may be disgusted and relapse and your return to the killer cigarette will be inevitable.

The use of the electronic cigarette is supposed to bring the same pleasures as the classic cigarette but without the dangers of tobacco. The taste that this little smoky gadget brings to the mouth is therefore crucial. The nicotine concentration in an electronic cigarette is also important as well as the volume of vapour it releases.

Knowing the general composition of an e-liquid is essential. An e-liquid is composed of propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG), most often in proportions of 80 and 20%. More rarely, the proportion of 100% of one or the other also exists but it is rare.

In terms of taste, you are spoiled for choice! A whole panoply of different flavours exists today but you just have to find your ideal. E-liquids can be classified into 5 different families according to taste:

First of all, there are tobacco flavours: these e-liquids almost all bear names resembling those of real cigarettes. For example Marlboro, Camel, Blond Tobacco, etc. However, the tastes are not quite the same.

Then there are those e-liquids that are identified as “fresh” aromas: these are in principle the equivalent of menthol cigarettes. For example, there is anise aroma, mint, eucalyptus, etc.

Drink flavours are also popular choices for many vapers. This type of flavour brings a touch of originality to the new way of “smoking”. There are for example tea, wine, rum, whisky…or coffee…

And of course, to finish, the fruity aromas are not lacking. The choice is very wide and the vaper can find all the families of fruits such as citrus fruits, exotic fruits, pome or stone fruits, red fruits, even aqueous fruits such as melon or watermelon!

Regarding the nicotine level, the doses range from 0 to 20 mg. There is a very simple way to find the ideal concentration for each type of smoker, but it is more prudent to seek information from an expert.

Now you have enough information to get started in vaping. You will be amazed at all the benefits of an electronic cigarette!