The reasons why move to vaping

A device for creating vapour, the electronic cigarette aims to ensure smoking cessation. Called vaporizers, “mods”, or e-cigs, these devices work on the principle of heating an e-liquid to produce an aerosol to breathe. Inhalants contain propylene, vegetable glycerin, flavourings and varying amounts of nicotine. When vaping, it is possible to inhale the same amount of nicotine as with a traditional cigarette.

Vaping allows a gradual cessation of tobacco without feeling the withdrawal effect. It allows reproducing the gestures of the smoker. Compared to tobacco, the e-cigarette has health benefits for both yourself and those around you. It is a replacement solution for pastilles or gums containing nicotine. Studies have repeatedly shown the beneficial effects of electronic cigarettes on smoking cessation.  

The e-cigarette less harmful than tobacco

The e-cigarette is less harmful than tobacco. Its impact on health is its first advantage. Admittedly the objective is to definitively stop the addiction to nicotine, but by adopting the vaporise, it is much easier to succeed in weaning. Depending on your pace, you gradually get rid of nicotine addiction by vaping than by smoking. For former smokers, switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes helps reduce sore throats and coughing fits, not to mention improved respiratory performance. This positive impact will facilitate the resumption of sports activities. If tobacco alters sensations of taste and smell,  the electronic cigarette can partially recover these lost perceptions.

The e-cigarette: less polluting for the environment than tobacco

Both for yourself and those around you, it is better to quit smoking tobacco. Passive smoking is a social problem. Cigarette smoke is known to produce substances harmful to health, most of which are carcinogenic. People who do not smoke but who are exposed to tobacco smoke are at risk, like smokers, of contracting the same respiratory diseases. Unlike cigarettes, e-cigs produce vapour (therefore no combustion). However, it is not harmless to health, but it is less dangerous than tobacco smoke. Compared to the classic cigarette, it generates a tiny quantity of harmful substances.

From an ecological point of view, the e-cigarette respects the environment better than the traditional cigarette. The negative impacts of cigarettes on the environment are well known. A cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 litres of water. The e-cigarette does not produce any. The numbers speak for themselves. With 4,300 billion cigarette butts discarded everywhere in nature in the world, and with the time they take to decompose, approximately 15 years, cigarette butts are dangerous to the environment. According to studies, a traditional cigarette pollutes as much as 10 diesel engines idling for 30 minutes. The e-cigarette was designed to limit the production of polluting substances. 

The e-cigarette is more economical

Another reason to go vaping is its economic side. It is much cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. Indeed, the electronic cigarette has its advantage given the increase in the price of the pack of cigarettes. To establish an exact relationship between the number of cigarettes and the quantity of e-liquid, it is necessary to take into consideration the need for nicotine, the resistance as well as the material itself.

If the device is powerful, the quantity of e-liquid vaporizer is important. Even if you use high-end equipment and consume more e-liquid, adopting the electronic cigarette is less expensive than smoking tobacco. Vaping is a “sub-ohm” and also leads to overconsumption of e-liquid. The higher the resistance, the higher the consumption. 

For example, a clearomizer or an atomizer consumes around 10 ml per day (around 3 to 5 USD / 2 to 4 euros). Several manufacturers offer e-liquids at affordable prices with a wide choice of flavours. 

With the possibility of designing your e-liquid (DIY), the adoption of the e-cigarette can further reduce expenses related to vaping. 


Taking up vaping, therefore, offers a plethora of advantages, whether in terms of health or economy. Turning to e-cigs will allow you to avoid poisoning with tar and the chemicals present in tobacco.