The opinion of American tobacco companies about Electronic Cigarettes

The opinion of American tobacco companies about electronic cigarettes

Recently, many tobacco companies launched their own electronic cigarette brands. As well as, they expressed their opinion about the ways and capacity of e-cigarette market regulation and the prospects for its development. Recently this idea expressed major tobacco companies of America. In formulating their recommendations to FDA, they touched upon the problems of vaping.

Particularly wordy in discussions about electronic cigarettes was the second largest American tobacco manufacturer – the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. The corporation representative David Howard said that the variety of tastes of electronic cigarettes has attracted many buyers. However, the allowing of this devices and liquids in free market must be forbidden, because they can be potentially dangerous to users health. He said that many of this electronic cigarettes are manufactured abroad and the manufacturers not always care about their quality. The lack of control leads to the fact that such devices may contain undeclared substances. Meanwhile, scientific studies show that electronic cigarettes contain only 4% of the normal components of tobacco.

Experts argue that the point of view of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company is not sufficiently objective. Lately to RJ Company has become much harder to compete with other manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, even on the assumption that it has recently launched its own brand of e-devices. Even today, the tobacco industry has stagnated and according to analysts, by 2021 the manufacturers will get more profits from the sale of electronic cigarettes, than from the sale of the ordinary tobacco cigarettes.

Speaking about the plans of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Susan Cameron has noted the fact that many “vapers” are experimenting with electronic cigarettes. However, together with nicotine, they get a large amount of additional harmful substances. Moreover, some manufacturers add too much nicotine in cartridges. That is why the market for electronic cigarettes needs to establish common rules for all manufacturers.

The opinions about electronic devices expressed other tobacco manufacturers – Altria Group Inc. and Lorillard Inc. They noticed that the electronic device market needs a reasonable regulation. Only in this case, the product can be really useful for people.