The NuvoCig E-Cigarette introduction

The NuvoCig E-Cigarette introduction

The NuvoCig is a 510 e-cigarette with a battery capacity of 180 mAh, suitable for up to about 100 puffs per charge.

Although the basic starter kit is offered only in Tobacco and Menthol flavors, the full assortment of refills has a greater selection of flavors consisting of peach, apple and cinnamon.If you’ve seen a lot of KR-808 e-cigarettes such as the model marketed by V2 Cigs while surfing online, you’ll be surprised by the smaller size of the 510 model — it’s almost the same length as a “100s” cigarette.

However, there are two compromises: V2’s KR-808 battery is rated for higher-voltage operation, which makes it generate more vapor. V2 also uses a higher-capacity battery, slightly larger than the one presented by NuvoCig.

NuvoCig’s price for refill cartomizers is a bit higher than the norm; a bigger sum is good for a pack of five cartomizers in any of NuvoCig’s 19 different flavors. Having five packs at once will give you a 25 percent discount, but even reduced price is higher than the basic price many companies offer.

Nevertheless, you can still enjoy NuvoCig’s fancy design by buying a NuvoCig starter kit and getting your refills anywhere. For example, the NuvoCig e-cigarette is perfect with cartomizers sold by Volcano and Blu.