The majority of VQ pods for Juul

VQ pods for JuulThe majority of our VQ Pods for JUUL are loaded up with 1 ML of 5%/Volume (5 MG) of Salt Nicotine.
Strawberry Milk – Fresh, Sweet strawberries with a trace of milk gives a sweet and velvety flavor you will make sure to cherish. Extraordinary for pastry!
Mango Bliss – Ripe Mango to fulfill your longings. Superior to anything any contenders’ mango season, our Mango Bliss will keep you returning for additional part.
Super Berry – Our blend of Strawberries, Pomegranate, Grape, Lemon and Lime, with a trace of Blueberries and Blackberries is a definitive berry season. One puff and you won’t most likely put this one down.

Watermelon Ice – Sweet Watermelon with a cooling ice wrap up. Refreshing! A fan top pick!
Sampler Pack – Try every one of the 4 of our astounding unique flavors and discover which one you adore most! Sampler Pack incorporates 1 unit of every one of the accompanying flavors:

Strawberry Milk, Mango Bliss, Super Berry, and Watermelon Ice.
Peach – Sweet and scrumptious crisp peaches that will surely be your new most loved flavor!
Grape Soda – Sweet grapes with a trace of effervescence that will take your taste buds for an epic ride.
Wild Cherry – The main Wild Cherry unit available! Our delicious wild cherry will make you return for all the more inevitably.

Raspberry Sweet Tea – Sweet and tart, our Raspberry sweet tea will make your mouth water after each drag, you won’t have any desire to put this one down!
Assortment Pack – Cannot choose which one of our new flavors to attempt? Why not attempt them all with our Variety Pack. Assortment Pack accompanies 1 pod of every one of the accompanying flavors: Peach, Grape Soda, Wild Cherry, and Raspberry Sweet Tea. Attempt them all and discover our which one is your most loved today!
Lemon Lime Soda-We have built up a soft drink water base for these 2 enhances that gives you a remarkable sensation with each puff. This flavor tastes precisely like your most loved lemon lime soft drink and will be your new most loved flavor no ifs ands or buts!
Hey, it is not a final review of all our VQ Pods for JUUL.