The Halo Triton occurrence

The Halo Triton occurrence

In 2013, Halo launched the Triton as an addition for the old Halo Element e-cigarette, which was getting tiresome for some smokers.

Although the Element was compatible with pre-filled cartomizers — which functioned very well — Halo never got around to releasing cartomizers filled with different e-liquid flavors. This made it necessary to fill your own cartomizers, drip with an atomizer or use disposable plastic cartridges if you wanted to experiment with all Halo’s flavors.

The Halo Triton requires self-filling, but it is not difficult; on the contrary, simply twist off the mouthpiece and pour the e-liquid in. With a capacity of about 2 ml, the Halo Triton tank cartomizer keeps about twice as much e-liquid as a standard cartomizer.

Like Halo’s previous e-cigarettes, the Triton is available in various colors. The battery also has a rubberized finish that makes the e-cigarette very easy to hold. Despite the fact that the batteries in the kit have capacities of just 650 mAh each, replacement batteries are available with capacities up to 1300 mAh.

Since the cartomizer tanks included with the Halo Triton don’t produce much power, you should have no trouble getting the two included batteries to last a full day of e-smoking. The Triton also consists of an atomizer cone, and if you intend to use a high-draw attachment such as a low resistance atomizer you’ll realize that you are charging the batteries a little bit more frequently.