The E-Cigarette alternative – free trial offers

The E-Cigarette alternative - free trial offers

While surfing through internet, you’ll see e-cigarette free trial offers quite frequently. Paying a small shipping fee, you get an e-cigarette battery, a USB charger and a few refill cartridges — this is the so called basic starter kit.

If you keep the e-cigarette, you’ll automatically receive a supply of refill cartridges every month. In fact, this might sound like a good deal. However, an e-cigarette free trial was very not a scam. If you were the victim once, there’s a good opportunity for you to cease e-smoking for life and never even be craving for it. That is why it is time for you to realize why you should stay far, far away from these “attractive” offers.

You can trust these offers only in case you or your members of the family previously recommended a free e-cigarette offer that was known not to be a scam. This was proved on smokers’ experience. They had received and tested the product themselves. Unfortunately, the companies had to discontinue the offers because of the amount of money they were losing on it.

This should tell demonstrate how difficult it is for legitimate companies to offer free e-cigarettes. That is why it is better suggested looking at something that isn’t quite free as an alternative: the Virgin Vapor Easy Electronic Cigarette kit. It’s a complete e-cigarette kit at an affordable price and includes a free sample of organic e-liquid.