Some common branded cigarette aromas to purchase cheap heets online

We often face a situation when people try to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed during the day. A new special way is invented now, it is the device, which main feature is to heat tobacco. These sticks are now available in our online shop and we are happy to inform our dear Canadian clients that they are able to purchase cheap heets online from our webshop.

The name of this miracle device is the IQOS Tobacco Heating System, which looks like an electronic cigarette (holder), which includes a cigarette case that serves as a portable charger. This device is a salvation for those people who dream of safe smoking. The second plus is no discomfort for non-smokers. By purchasing a tobacco heating system, you become a lucky person, to whom the people around you will say “Thank you very much”! So, a need to order cheap heets online arises and our online shop is opened for the disposal of Canadian customers.

The iQOS cigarette runs on special sticks that look like ordinary cigarettes, but they are short, with real tobacco inside. To start using the device, just insert the stick into the device and you can begin to use.

Please note that the sticks cannot be set on fire and smoked like regular cigarettes, and it is also forbidden to insert ordinary cigarettes into the device itself. The device works exclusively on specialized sticks. If you violate these rules of use – it can lead to damaging the device.

Get to know before you purchase cheap heets online in our webshop.

If you are accustomed to smoking a certain brand of cigarettes and do not want to change to something else, tobacco sticks are sold with the “taste” of Parliament, Malboro, Kent, etc.

Be aware of it, once deciding to purchase cheap heets online in our webshop.

Due to the fact that the tobacco is heated gradually, the smoke is soft with a pleasant rich aroma without a taste of tar, paper and paint.

The system works by pressing the “Fire” button. One stick is enough for about 14 puffs, after which it should be disposed of. Convenience is that such a stick after use retains its shape (does not burn, does not crumble).