Smok INFINIX Kit is a Juul Alternative

Juul AlternativeSmok INFINIX Kit is a Juul Alternative and a pod system, that is, a small pocket mod without a button, but with a puff sensor. Smoke INFINICS is a Juul Alternative and competitor, offering almost the same thing, but there are differences.

The INFINIX Juul Alternative is very similar to SMOK INFINIX 2, look at it too before making a choice. As befits a similar class of devices, Smok INFINIX has a modest size: 20x11x110 mm. With such dimensions, it resembles a pocket pen or pencil, it will be easier to carry such a device with you than a phone or keys.
Nutrition and autonomy

The INFINIX Juul Alternative has a 250 mAh battery, which may not seem enough, but keep in mind that we are dealing with an MTL device equipped with a cigarette puff. Such devices take care of both charge and liquid, especially if you use strong salt nicotine. The board independently selects power in the range from 10 to 16 watts.
In terms of range, such devices are designed for the whole day, but as you know, it all depends on the intensity of use. If you soar high fortresses and do it in the smoke break mode, and not the whole day, you will get 2 days. And if you are an ordinary vaper, then wait about a day, maybe less. Also note that Joole has a similar battery, but less power, so the Smok INFINIX Pod is potentially less autonomous.
A SMOK INFINIX Juul Alternative does not have any buttons on the case, the current supply starts automatically when tightening, as indicated by a small LED on the front surface. Charging takes place via the microUSB connector, and in view of the small battery, the device can be charged without any problems with any adapter, laptop or using PowerBank, there will be enough currents wherever you stick it.

The INFINIX cartridge is removable and refillable and has an integrated vaporizer. Thus, do not worry about the safety of the tank, because when the evaporator has exhausted its life, the entire cartridge will be replaced, and the box already has 2 pieces.