qualitative vaporizer

19The strength of the liquid is measured by the amount of e-liquid nicotine per ml of liquid. In finished liquids this is usually 6 mg / ml; 12 mg / ml; 18 mg / ml and 24 mg / ml. Sometimes you can come across “exclusive for exhibitionists” 36 mg / ml. For lovers of empty and useless e-liquid flavors on sale there are liquids with no nicotine at all. Often there are questions of the type: “I smoke Kent eight, what strength of the liquid shall I choose?”

In principle, you can somehow compare, but these comparisons are very approximate: super light = 6 mg / ml; light = 12 mg / ml; conventional = 18 mg / ml. But again – it’s all very roughly. We always advise all our friends to start with best e-juice brands (usually 18 mg / ml). And then look whether it is normal, a lot or a little.

But if you start switching to e-cigarettes with a liquid with a low content of nicotine, then the switching may not take place. A person will not be simply satisfied with vaping. We specifically did not advise liquid from some specific e-juice wholesale suppliers. It’s a matter of taste. Someone like to vape juice flavors with nicotine, and someone vape juice brands without nicotine.

If you get carried away by vaping breaks or overdo with nicotine in the liquid, you can feel a lot of inexpressible sensations. Moreover, the spectrum of these sensations is approximately the same – from a feeling of anxiety to a loss of consciousness.

But do not panic, loss of consciousness is a rare case that occurs always through the fault of the vape-liquid cheap qualitative vaporizer. Many experts would definitely recommend you the best brands and offers, so you will not face this problem.