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Pure Cigs Review

Pure Cigs Review

Pure Cigs offers the standard addition of refill flavors marketed by most e-cigarette companies. The flavors consist of several tobacco variations: menthol, cherry and vanilla together with some sweeter offerings.

Although there are certainly larger e-liquid selections from some companies, the Pure Cigs flavors will keep you interested for some time. Some smokers particularly liked the cherry and tobacco flavors because of the special tasty notes.

The vapor generation of the Pure Cigs e-cigarette will be enough to be preferred by most smokers as long as you choose the right nicotine strength, and the battery works for about an hour of use. With classic cigarettes, quick and deep inhalation is the basic of getting a big cloud of smoke. With E-Cigarettes the exact opposite method is true. The basic to a big vapor cloud is a slow and steady puff! Inhaling too rapidly and deeply can fill your tank and cause unbearable throat hit.

If you prolong your e-smoking process out, two batteries should be normal to last almost a day. If you currently smoke a pack or more of traditional cigarettes a day, though, you might want to consider spending more money for the Pure Cigs Deluxe Kit, which includes a portable charging case.