ProVape ProVari

ProVape ProVari

The ProVari is the wide-spread cigarettes of all USA-made electronic cigarettes. It happens with a good reason — its quality and features are awesome. Special production methods and clever marketing tactics did their part.

Although, smokers may obsessively try new e-cigarettes just to enjoy anything from this category, the ProVari is the one they can come back to. It is the one that can never be replaced or modified. It is just the best of the best. Sometimes any smoker just need to switch to something else only to realize what is worth spending money and getting satisfaction, and what is in fact not.

It has a voltage booster allowing you to set the output between 2.9 and 6.0 volts. There is evidently no noticeable decrease in vapor production as the battery drains.

We should mention some words about the design; everything fits together beautifully, which seems to result from some very strict and standard quality control.
The negative aspect of the ProVari is the price. This of course may depress you. But you can always find a solution saving a bit of money by buying the ProVari body only if you already have your own batteries, charger and attachments.

The ProVari is available in stainless, chrome, black and gold shades. The included battery has a capacity of 1100 mAh.