Proper dosage of e-liquid for an e-cigarette

The e-liquid is the fuel of an electronic cigarette, it determines the taste, the power and therefore the sensation provided by it. Whether the e-liquid is purchased or prepared at home, whether it contains nicotine or not, all depends on the dosage carried out as well as the preferences of the smoker.

The e-liquid is used to release vapour from the e-cigarette under the effect of the heat produced by the resistance.

It is the perfect solution for smoking cessation, the e-liquid will serve to fill the lack of the person wishing to stop smoking, and to deliver him from his addiction little by little.

E-liquid components

The e-liquid is composed of:

Propylene glycol ;

Vegetal glycerine ;

Water ;

Alcohol ;

Food flavouring.

Nicotine is an optional component. 

The dosage of e-liquid

The nicotine level will determine several things, the stronger it is, the stronger the sensation of “hit”. The “hit” of nicotine is a throat-enhancing sensation similar to that of a normal cigarette.

People wishing to quit smoking generally start with high levels of nicotine and then gradually reduce it to be less and less dependent on it.

Nevertheless, the nicotine level does not only depend on the cravings of the smoker but also on the electronic cigarette used as well as its power. Indeed, the more powerful the e-cigarette, the more the nicotine level will have to decrease. If this factor is not taken into account, there will be a burnt taste and the electronic cigarette may be damaged.

Then there is what is called the “base” of the e-liquid, which is made up of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (GV). The two are usually dosed in a balanced way. PG is known to favour the “hit” and bring out the aromas. As for the CG, it produces more vapour.

These three components are not harmful, even if nicotine is known to be carcinogenic this is false, on the other hand, it causes addiction.

The dosage depends on the preferences of the smoker, but there are platforms designed to help dose their e-liquid. We introduce the dosage of an element or two and then we obtain the dosage that is necessary for the rest of the components.

E-liquid flavours

There are several flavours of e-liquid, and we will name the main ones.

The mint flavour is perfect for smokers of menthol cigarettes, the freshness provided makes the “hit” even stronger, which is why it is therefore advisable to reduce the nicotine level.

The fruity e-liquid tastes quite different from the normal cigarette, perfect for people wishing to completely change their habits.

There is also the gourmet e-liquid which goes to flavours such as candy, vanilla, soda or even coffee. Perfect for double pleasure.

Make your e-liquid at home

To save money, compose your e-liquid or even personalize it; you can make your e-liquid at home. To do this, we need the following:

A neutral base;

A nicotine booster;

Concentrated aromas;

Equipment: blank vials, syringes, glasses and gloves.

The base (PG and GV) can be 50% PG and 50% GV, this is the perfect balance between a good vapour and a well-felt aroma. But you can also opt for a base at 70/30 or even 100/0 if you only want steam (GV only) or a very strong hit and a very pronounced aroma (PG only).

The nicotine booster is a neutral base mixed with a high dose of nicotine. The booster can be used or not to prepare your e-liquid, it will depend on the preferences of the smoker.

The aromas are also optional and depend on the desires of the smoker.

For the equipment, it is essential to ensure that everything goes well.