Juul pods UK progressive solutions

Juul pods UKThe growing popularity of Juul pods UK systems is due to its compactness and ease of use, as well as progressive taste solutions that allow you to fully enjoy the various flavors of liquids. Electronic cigarettes of this type are equipped with special replaceable cartridges, which can now be bought in UK with home delivery using an online store.
Design features and specifications

Unknowing people and novice vapers who heard the name “Juul” are often interested in the term Juul pods asking what it is. The concept of pod (in the plural – pods) implies replaceable cartridges for popular electronic cigarettes Juul.
Juul cartridge is a specialized device; disposable replacement part of the Juul pods UK systems, which are manufactured by PAX. Disposable containers are not included in each set of the device for the vape, so they must be purchased separately. Even when buying a kit that includes cartridges, we recommend taking care of spare parts in advance due to the miniature dimensions of the products. The design of the pitches implies an extremely simple installation and removal, the dimensions provide for maximum compliance with devices like the vape system manufactured by PAX.

The “Juul” cartridge is a 0.7 ml sealed container that contains liquid based on salt nicotine. For sale cartridges are combined in packages with different quantities – 2 or 4 sweats each. Each package contains comprehensive information about the variety of taste, as well as a general description and composition of the liquid. The container is made and filled with liquid at the rate of 200-300 puffs (depending on the volume of steam inhaled at a time). Practical experience allows us to conclude that one container is equivalent to a standard pack of traditional cigarettes.
Varieties of Tastes
PAX manufactures and supplies Juul cartridges with the following flavors:
pink lemonade;
garnet ice;
In the catalog of our online store you can find all kinds of tastes available for purchase for the Juul vape systems. When replenishing the range of the manufacturer, we promptly update the list of proposed flavors, laying out a detailed description of new products, so our customers are keeping abreast of global trends in vaping.