Juul alternative refillable kits from leading manufacturers

Juul alternative refillableELEAF ICARE SOLO is a Juul alternative refillable kit from Eleaf for beginners, or those looking for an ultra-compact device to carry with them all the time. Thanks to the system of replaceable evaporators and the upper air intake system, which has been repeatedly used by the company in other devices, the novelty is an extremely interesting solution as the first device.
In fact, iCare Solo is a classic eGo Juul alternative refillable device, already somewhat tossed by other players. This class of devices has always been characterized by ease of maintenance and user friendliness, but had a certain range of problems associated with leaks and unstable operation. Eleaf has applied a lot of its latest developments in the new product, introducing new technologies at the initial level of vaping.

Unlike classic eGo-devices, the Juul alternative refillable novelty most likely refers to all-in-one systems, where the tank is integral with the battery pack, which simplifies the user’s all possible maintenance of the device;

A joint product from MyVapors and Wismec, the myJET express kit is a great starter kit for exploring the vaping world. Ideal for those who are not familiar with using a compact vape device. The Juul alternative refillable kit includes instructions for using the device: how to use, refuel and recharge it. Simple and intuitive – perfect to get started!
SMOK Infinix Kit is made in the form factor of classic electronic cigarettes. The only difference is the diamond-shaped form of the case. The device has a miniature size (110×19.5×11 mm) and weighs only 22 g. It can be safely carried in your pocket without experiencing any inconvenience.
The SMOK Infinix battery module has a built-in 250mAh battery. With it, an electronic cigarette gives from 10W to 16W of power (depending on the degree of charge). Since the device operates at low power, the battery discharges slowly. In some cases, one charge is enough to vape all day.

The microUSB connector at the end of the device allows you to charge the battery. This is signaled by an LED on the device body. Using the bundled cable, you can connect the device to any current source: a computer, an external battery, an ordinary outlet (via an adapter).
The heating element, fluid reservoir, and mouthpiece are integrated in the SMOK Infinix cartridge. The price of such a solution is a non-separable design. In the box you will find two copies. In the future, for SMOK Infinix, you can buy additional cartridges to replace the old ones.