IQOS HEETS Green sticks are packaged into packs with a green strip; the number of sticks is the same as in the packs of the other Heets. All of them also need to be kneaded before we poke on the heating element.

IQOS HEETS Green sticks have a very pleasant citrus flavor, slightly minty aftertaste. These are the only sticks that came up to us who periodically take IQOS to try.

We advise these IQOS HEETS Green sticks for those who have a short smoking history or if you do not like strong cigarettes.

To purchase these IQOS HEETS Green sticks, we advise you to buy them online.

Online shopping has become as much an integral part of our lives as check-ins and Instagram verification of likes.

Many of us prefer to shop online. This not only saves time and effort, but also opens up great choices. It is only important to know some rules in order to avoid possible troubles.

Mid-Week shopping.

If you plan to save money, try to make purchases of IQOS HEETS Green sticks in the middle of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. It is on these days that stores, as a rule, provide a wider range of products, issue the largest number of sales and discount codes, special offers.

Request a discount directly

Almost any online store has customer support chats. You should contact them if you are interested in the IQOS HEETS Green sticks. Often, chat support can give out special promotional codes that are not widely available.

There are special discounts on social networks.

Subscribe to groups of online stores to buy IQOS HEETS Green sticks. Via social networks, special discounts are provided that are not advertised anywhere.

Use mobile apps to compare prices.

There are special applications to help you compare the prices of IQOS HEETS Green sticks in many online stores. It is enough to indicate the desired product, and the program will display a list of stores with the necessary assortment and prices.

But for sure, you will finally select our online shop as it offers the best prices of IQOS HEETS Green sticks.