You are a beginner and the question torments you, how to vape well? The answer may seem quite innocuous and yet the action of vaping is significantly different from that of smoking. Here are some explanations to accompany you serenely towards the path of the vape.

Differences between smoking and vaping?

Even if the electronic cigarette is intended to help you quit smoking, vaping and smoking are two different things. Indeed, you will not vape your Ecigarette as you smoke your traditional cigarette.

The nicotine absorbed during the draw on a traditional cigarette is more quickly assimilated by your body than with an electronic cigarette. As a vaper, you must therefore adapt your vaping behaviour to obtain the same amount of nicotine.

How to vape with an electronic cigarette?

All smokers adapt their behaviour, the mechanism happens automatically without us paying attention to it. We do not inhale our cigarettes in the same way after a state of stress or nervousness as when waking up accompanied by our morning coffee.

A smoker of “strong” cigarettes will also not aspire in the same way if he starts to smoke so-called “light” cigarettes. It will suck faster and deeper to get the same result. It has also been proven that smoking light cigarettes is no less dangerous than conventional cigarettes.

Why vape often?

The secret to vaping correctly is to vape regularly and slowly. Unlike a smoker, you don’t have to wait until you reach a stressful state. Nicotine is assimilated more slowly by the body than with a traditional cigarette, the lack of nicotine will be more difficult to manage.

In the long term, you will feel this dissatisfaction that we often hear: “the electronic cigarette does not work, I always want to smoke”. Take the time to take slow but repeated aspirations throughout the day to compensate for your nicotine need.

How to vape without coughing?

Many newbies experience coughing fits when using e-cigarettes. To avoid coughing, make sure that the rate of nicotine contained in your e-liquid is adapted to your needs, perhaps you can reduce the rate?

Also, make sure that your electronic cigarette is properly adjusted. Coughing can also be a side effect caused by e-cigarettes.

The different types of vaping?

Vapers often speak of direct and indirect inhalation. These are two completely different renderings. Indirect inhaling comes closest to the sensation of a traditional cigarette. The second is more like a hookah.

Go further with our article: Direct inhalation, indirect inhalation. In both cases, specific equipment must be used. Be sure to choose the type of vape that is right for you.

How to vape correctly? The steps to follow

To vape correctly, make sure your clearomiser is loaded with e-liquid. Check the settings of your e-cigarette, if it has any. If you are wondering how many watts to vape, observe the manufacturer’s recommendations on the coil.

While pressing the switch button (the on and off button of your e-cigarette), inhale long and gently.

Don’t keep the vapour in your mouth too long so you can breathe it out. It is very important in the adaptation process. You’ve never tried smoking a cigarette in complete darkness, you probably don’t enjoy it that much.

Try as far as possible to space out your puffs to avoid any overheating of the resistance. The number of puffs is not very important. Your body will quickly adapt to its needs.

Keep in mind that it is difficult to turn away from the traditional cigarette, it is a real battle strewn with pitfalls. Attempts may be futile, but it is important to persevere.

Electronic cigarettes can be a means of withdrawal. If, however, it does not suit you, do not hesitate to speak to a professional who will be able to guide you more precisely according to your needs. In the meantime, good vape to all.