How To Recharge An Electronic Cigarette?

Novice vapers often forget to recharge their electronic cigarette. Recharging, capacity and autonomy of the battery require time to adapt. The more you use the electronic cigarette, the more you will be able to define your vaping frequency, as well as the battery life. Once you get used to the electronic cigarette, you will arrange your own program in relation to recharging the battery.

The fully charged battery forms an essential element for the electronic cigarette to be operational. For older models, recharging can only be undertaken with the battery directly. Charging is usually done using a USB cable. You can use your computer’s USB port or a wall outlet. To use the charger with a wall outlet, an adapter is required.

In order to power the battery, remove it from the clearomiser to mount it on a charger. To do this, unscrew the battery. You must then link the charger to a USB socket. At this time, the light should illuminate green. Thereafter, the battery must be carefully attached to the charger. When the light turns red, it means the battery is starting to charge.

If you are recharging your electronic cigarette for the first time, it is advisable to adopt a charging time of approximately 8 hours. But in normal time, the battery power is estimated between 3-4 hours.

Normally, the battery has light signs that indicate its status. If the light is red, it means the battery is charging. The battery is full when the light turns green or turns off. Refer to the user manual of your electronic cigarette to know the meaning of the colours of the indicator light.

If you use the cable provided in the e-cig kit and plug it directly into your computer, you don’t have to check anything special. The power delivered by the computer meets the charging requirements of the electronic cigarette.

On the other hand, if you use a mains charger – also called a wall charger – or if you use a USB charger, it is absolutely necessary to check the charge delivered by this charger.

By following the recommendations given in the user manual, you must ensure that the mains/wall charger is suitable. By using a charger that is too powerful, you simply risk damaging the battery, or even rendering it unusable. In the example above, which concerns the CUBEO electronic cigarette, the maximum authorized charge is 1 A. The charger below has 2 USB ports: one with a 1 A output and the other with a 2.1A output. You can therefore only charge your CUBEO with the 1A port. Charging the CUBEO with the 2.1A port simply risks serious damage to the battery.

Following the technological evolution, innovations have been made to electronic cigarettes. The same is true for the charging mode. From now on, recharging your electronic cigarette has become easier. In this case, the vaper will no longer have to disassemble it in order to refill. Direct connection through a USB cable is now possible. In addition, charging does not last as long as with older models of electronic cigarettes. In addition, it is no longer essential to charge the battery for 8 hours during the first use. Just power it up until the battery is full. It should be noted that the latest models of electronic cigarettes may have a USB type C cable which allows fast charging. VS’

To the delight of some vapers, it is possible to recharge the electronic cigarette and vape at the same time on many models. However, to feel comfortable, it is advisable to opt for a sufficiently long cable.

The charging of the battery of an electronic cigarette largely depends on its autonomy as well as the frequency of vaping of its user. If the latter rarely vapes, a 650 mAh battery can be used for a whole day without being recharged. On the other hand, for the great vapers, the recharge will have to be carried out several times during the day.

To avoid being out of electronic cigarettes, it is important to choose your model of vaper taking into account the autonomy of the battery. However, you will note that the battery will not go flat without warning. Indeed, the majority of electronic cigarettes have a small light on the Switch button which lights up when the battery begins to weaken. By also taking into account the vapours, you will be able to judge for yourself if the battery needs to be recharged.

To help you recharge the battery of your electronic cigarette at the right time, we have also provided a guide that includes the essentials, so you will know when to recharge an electronic cigarette.