Making its resistance to electronic cigarettes is possible by all vapers. With the right equipment, a little patience and practice, you can easily achieve the desired result. So, if you are wondering how to make your resistance to e-cigarettes in Do It Yourself, this article is for you! Discover our advice and the steps to easily design a DIY resistance for electronic cigarettes.

Redo your resistance to electronic cigarettes: when to start this step?

Your filter should be changed as soon as you feel that the taste of your e-liquid is changing. 

Your coil must also be redone when it deteriorates. If this notion remains quite subjective, it is advisable to regularly redo your electronic cigarette resistance. This is essential for healthily using your e-cigarette.

Redoing your coils also has the following advantages:

  • Your editing can be done according to your tastes;
  • The price of consumables is quickly amortized;

The choice of atomizers is wider.

DIY resistance for electronic cigarette: how to go about it?

Here is the material needed to make an e-cigarette resistor:

  • Rebuildable atomizer:
  • resistive wire
  • Cotton
  • Adapted tools (template, pliers, screwdriver)

Good to know: there are many rebuildable atomizers and different ways to mount them (dripper, top coil, genesis…). Now on to the steps to make your DIY resistant to electronic cigarettes!

The creation of the coil

  • First, you need to design the coil. To do this, cut resistive wire with pliers (15 cm is a good length to handle it with ease). Your thread should stay straight.
  • With the micro-coil rod, choose the diameter of your coil (if you don’t have a micro-coil rod, use a screwdriver).
  • Wrap your yarn around your jig, then keep the tabs to the side. Tighten the coils against the edge of the template by compressing them with the pliers.

The installation of the coil on your atomizer

  • After inserting the legs of your coil into the slots, tighten them. For its placement, the coil must be parallel to the plate and without contact with other elements.
  • Heat your coils to identify hot spots. The goal here is to make sure the resistors heat up from the centre and evenly.

Preparation of cotton

  • Form sorts of wicks with a piece of cotton (use a quantity of cotton by the diameter of your coil). Pass them through your coils, leaving them protruding one centimetre on each side (if the length is too long, cut the excess). Between the fibre and your coil, do not leave space at the risk of creating a dry burn.
  • With bent-nose pliers, remove a little thickness of the cotton, then introduce the cotton into the tank, using the same pliers.
  • To promote the priming of your DIY resistance for electronic cigarettes, pour a few drops of e-liquid on it.

You now know how to make its resistance for e-cigarettes in Do It Yourself. DIY enthusiast, all you have to do is get started in your production!