How to clean an electronic cigarette

Knowing how to clean a vaping device is important

You have just received a brand new electronic cigarette. Your eyes are wide and the excitement invades your whole body. Look at it…it’s sleek, it shines, it’s the most advanced vaping device on the market, and you feel like you’re in a new car.

Two months later, your device is dirty, its performance is insufficient and you are ready to buy a new one. You just realized that you don’t know how to clean an electronic cigarette. If you have more than one device, this scenario probably sounds very familiar to you. We have all been beginners and new to vaping at some point!

For the long-term use and performance of your vape, regular maintenance is essential. Plus, by keeping the components of your vape device clean, you’ll get maximum flavour out of every puff, and we’re all for flavorful puffs!

To help you keep your device as new as the day you bought it, we’ve created this comprehensive beginner’s guide to “How to Clean an E-Cigarette”.

Anatomy of an electronic cigarette:

To be able to clean your electronic cigarette, you must first understand the components of your device. An electronic cigarette is generally composed of three main elements:

  • The clearomizer: The clearomizer is the reservoir of your electronic cigarette, it also contains resistance.
  • The resistance: it is a heating element that transforms the e-liquid into vapour.
  • Battery: The power source of the device. It delivers the power needed to heat the resistor.

When to clean your vaping device

The simple act of rinsing your clearomizer is something you should do every time you change aromas so that your new aroma is not compromised by the last aroma you used.

Of course, whenever your device does not give you the performance you want, complete cleaning of the clearomiser, the battery and a replacement of the resistance can help you regain the original performance.

How to clean your electronic cigarette?

Cleaning your electronic cigarette is something you should do from time to time, it will keep your electronic cigarette efficient and increase its lifespan.

Clean the resistor:

The resistance generally does not clean itself, if you use a changeable resistance system that you replace regularly, you will not be able to clean it, it will just have to be changed.

On the other hand, if you are on a rebuildable system, you will have to replace the cotton, but also clean the resistance.

To clean the resistance, remove the cotton and heat the resistance at 40 watts until it turns red and immerse it in a glass of water. This action will make it possible to take off the grime which is on the resistance. However, be careful to dive only the resistance, the battery must not be in contact with water.

Do not use alcohol or soap or anything else to clean your resistance, and once cleaned, dry it by heating it one last time.

Clean the clearomiser:

Cleaning the clearomiser will allow you above all to completely remove the aroma of your precious liquid. For example, if you want to change liquid, you will have to clean the clearomiser and replace the resistance to completely get rid of the aroma.

To clean it, do not use soap or aggressive products, you risk damaging the seals in addition to having a bad taste. Just water is enough, rinse your clearomiser thoroughly and let it dry.

Also, observe the place where the resistor is located, there may be a deposit which has formed over time, clean it with a damp cloth.

Clean the battery:

A dirty battery is something you don’t suspect when you find yourself with a loss of performance. The battery is thought to be faulty when it is only a contact problem.

The place where the clearomiser is positioned allows electrical contact with the battery. Clean this area regularly with a dry cloth to keep it clean and have optimal connectivity.

Also, check your batteries, and see if the protection is not torn, if it is damaged, replace your batteries or its protection. Finally check that there are no impacts or traces of oxidation, if this is the case replace your batteries.

Now that you are an electronic cigarette maintenance pro, you will be able to take advantage of the maximum potential of your machine with each puff!

Do not hesitate to tell us below in the comments if you want more tips for your electronic cigarette!