An electronic cigarette  consists of a  battery , a  clearomizer  which contains your  e-liquid .

Vaping an e-liquid that you like is the essential point to switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, it is as important as the choice of e-cigarette.

To choose your  e-liquid , we advise you to follow your  desires  and your  preferences  because an  e-liquid  appreciated by some is not necessarily the favorite of others, it is up to you to make your own opinion.

First of all, to be able to make your choice, you need to know and understand the composition of an e-liquid. 3 criteria must be taken into consideration:

  • the composition of Vegetable Propylene Glycol  /  Vegetable Glycerin
  • nicotine _ 
  • the aroma

Composition of an e-liquid:

Vegetable  Propylene Glycol  (PGV) is a food compound which, when heated at low temperature, produces a fine and light vapour.

Vegetable  Glycerin  (VG) is also a food compound that produces a dense and abundant vapor, perfectly mimicking ordinary cigarette smoke.

The aroma  is the element that brings flavor to the e-liquid that you vape.

Nicotine  , presented in liquid form, is pure, extracted from tobacco leaves. Its concentration is created between 0 and 16mg/ml depending on the dosage.

Be careful, propylene can cause discomfort or even an allergy for some (1 in 100 people), it is characterized by respiratory discomfort, headaches, and even itching. If this were your case, you should direct your choices towards PG-free liquids (without PG) or Végétol liquids (a completely natural PG substitute from plants)

How to choose your e-liquid? : the basics

Vegetable  Propylene Glycol  (PGV) and  Vegetable Glycerin  (VG) are the elements required to produce  vapor .

  • For a mixture favoring  Vegetable Propylene Glycol, for example in 80PG / 20VG or 70PG / 30VG, your liquid will be fluid with a  significant hit and a satisfactory quantity of vapour. This base is considered  ideal for beginners.
  • For a mixture favoring  Vegetable Glycerin , for example in 20PG / 80VG, 10PG / 90VG or 100% VG, you will get  a lot of vapor  and these mixtures perfectly imitate  traditional cigarette smoke .
    On the other hand, it alters the aromas a little, your hit is limited and you have to be careful to use suitable atomizers, which do not clog up and which are capable of supplying enough e-liquid to the resistance.
  • In base 50PG / 50VG and 60PG / 40VG, you will find a very good compromise. You keep a  good hold of the aromas , with a  satisfying hit  and a  generous vapor .
  • 100% PG is a good match for aromas and, associated with nicotine, the throat sensation ( hit ) is present but your vapour volume remains low.

Depending on the bases you have chosen, the flavours and the density of vapour created vary. It’s all a matter of preference, the amount of steam you want or also for health reasons (allergies).


For your nicotine dosage, we advise you to start the e-cigarette with a rate adapted to your usual consumption to see the effectiveness of the product.

You will find mainly 4  nicotine levels :

  • 0, 6, 11 and 16mg/ml, and sometimes 3mg/ml.

To help you understand what dose of  nicotine  you should use, here are the equivalences compared to  traditional  daily cigarette consumption:

  • 0mg: nicotine-free
  • 6mg: more than 5 cigarettes/day
  • 11mg: more than 10 cigarettes/day
  • 16mg: more than 15 cigarettes/day

Know that the higher the dosage of the nicotine level,  the greater the hit. However, beware of signs of  nicotine overdose  : if you experience headaches, nausea, vomiting, reduce your dosage of nicotine or Vegetable Mono Propylene Glycol. If symptoms persist, stop consuming e-liquid immediately  and consult your doctor.

How to choose your e-liquid? : the question of dosage

It is indicated in mg/ml or mg on e-liquids. This criterion may seem complex to define at the outset. First of all, you have to analyze the number of cigarettes you smoke per day:

  • Less than 5 cigarettes per day: 3 and 6 mg/ml
  • Between 5 and 15 cigarettes per day: 12 mg/ml
  • More than 15 cigarettes per day: 18 mg/ml

It is also important to define the type of cigarette you smoke.

  • 3 and 6 mg/ml = light cigarettes
  • 12 mg/ml = medium cigarettes
  • 16 and 18 mg/ml = strong cigarettes

Once these two concepts have been defined, you have better visibility of the quantity and consumption of nicotine.

It is also important to take into account the power of your equipment which can vary the nicotine level of your e-liquid, for example the starter kits give you the ideal feeling with a nicotine level of 12 mg/ml, but this same e-liquid may be too strong if you vape on a box type material with various settings, due to its power.

We recommend choosing two different dosages when starting out to find your preference.

How to choose your e-liquid? : the aromas

Regarding the  flavors  to choose, at the beginning, you will surely look for a  taste  that is close to the  classic taste , and then vary the  flavors  in order to find your  “All day” . There are  5 families of aromas  on sale today:  classic ,  mint , fruity , gourmand and drink .

We also find, but more rarely, liquids based on savoury recipes (pizza, chicken, etc.) they are very rare because they are a little strange, but that is my opinion.

We advise you to have several favourite e-liquids because your desires can vary during the day, for example, you could appreciate certain flavours in the morning and others in the middle of the day, as for meals: in the morning, a flavor coffee, the afternoon a fruity flavour.

As you will have understood, there is no solution or miracle recipe to know which e-liquid to choose, you just have to taste several and form your own opinion.

The search for your e-liquids is like a real quest where you will have to aim above all for pleasure, because let’s not forget that at the beginning, before becoming an addiction, tobacco is a real pleasure for the smoker.

For information, it is recommended to store your  e-liquids  away from light and at room temperature.

Why? The taste of your e-liquids may deteriorate due to natural light.

Happy vaping everyone