With a box mod, you are guaranteed comfort and exceptional vape quality. With all the models on the market, it’s hard to choose, especially when you’re just starting.

In recent times, the models have evolved a lot so that, even at the entry-level, there are reassuring boxes of very good quality. But the choice depends above all on your mode of consumption. Here are our tips for choosing the right box.

What type of vaper are you?

If you don’t have the soul of a hacker, you won’t need an ultra-sophisticated box. So take a basic model that fits in your hand like the BOX IKUU I200. In addition, it offers a temperature control mode to avoid burning tastes that arise without warning.

If you want to play with resistance or voltage, take a model that offers maximum security. Some boxes have protection against short circuits, reverse polarity, low voltage, and even low resistance.

Do you need that much power?

The brands are waging a ruthless battle on the terrain of power. If you are a beginner, what are you going to do 150W? For an average consumer, a 30/40 W box like the BOX ACTIVE 80W is more than enough.

Vapers who want to test different assemblies without taking too much risk will be content with a 50/60 W box. Above is for experts who have mastered the reconstruction of resistors and the subtleties of sub-ohm assembly.

Fixed battery or retractable battery?

Some boxes are powered by batteries while others have an integrated battery. The batteries are more restrictive because they have to be changed. On the other hand, they allow having better control of the intensity and the voltage. They are recommended for experienced vapers.

For those who don’t want to bother, a box with a fixed battery will do. We think of the BOX ISTICK NOWOS for example. The possibilities it offers in terms of settings are largely sufficient for everyday use. The models with integrated batteries are smaller than their counterparts with batteries, but it will be necessary to separate some the day when the battery does not hold any more the load.

The modes of vaping under the magnifying glass

If you are a fan of new experiences and you already have a little experience with vaping, then let yourself be tempted by a box with different vaping modes. For this, we cannot recommend the Smoktech BOX MAG 225W too highly, which provides both unparalleled vaping pleasure and optimal protection.

With this model, you can vary both the power and the temperature while you inhale. For those who want a high-performance model without having to rack their brains, the Vaporesso offers a “Smart VW” mode with automatic power adjustment about the resistance you have put in your clearomizer.