How to choose the right batteries for your mod

Batteries also called accumulators or more simply batteries, are like large rechargeable batteries. They allow the creation of energy, responsible for the heating of the resistance and therefore the evaporation of the e-liquid. If you buy a classic e-cigarette or a “cigalike”, the battery is pre-installed and you “don’t have to choose”. On the other hand, with an electronic mod, it is up to you to equip yourself. To make the right choices, here are our tips. 

Why choose a good battery?

It is very important to choose the right batteries for two reasons.

The first is because the performance of your equipment can only be profitable with a good battery. If you want to do Sub Ohm, for example, you must have an electronic cigarette mod supporting this practice, but also a resistant battery.

Second reason: is security. A “good battery” will resist and will have little chance of having a problem. Indeed, a battery that overheats “degasses”: produces a lot of smoke and heats up very strongly.

You must therefore choose your batteries according to two criteria: their quality (for safety) and their settings (for performance and respect for your equipment).

How to choose a battery?

Start by choosing recognized brands, respecting all standards (CE, NF), having good opinions in the community and avoiding discount products or products whose origin is not identifiable. So choose batteries with stable chemistry (IMR).

Now you are left with quite a wide choice when it comes to performance. You must then take into account two elements: your electronic cigarette mod and your practices.

Which battery for which electronic cigarette?

Your batteries must first have a size that is equal to or less than the place provided in your electric cigarette mod. It is obvious, but it is better to remember it because when buying on the Internet, errors are not uncommon. Sizes are listed in length and diameter, just behind the chemistry. For example, an IMR 18650 battery is an 18mm diameter and 65mm long battery.

The zero designates the shape (cylinder) or sometimes finds a 1 for rectangular batteries, which are rarer. With an electronic mod, the choice is wide: your equipment has its protection against overloads, so you do not expose yourself to too many risks. With a mecha mod, on the other hand, be more careful and opt for IMR batteries preferably, with a rather high maximum discharge current (CDM) (indicated by the manufacturer).

– Which characteristics to choose?

Regarding your practices, start by choosing the criterion of autonomy (capacity). If you are a heavy vaper, you need a battery that holds a charge well. This is displayed in mAh. The higher it is, the longer you will last.

The larger a battery, the higher its capacity is likely to be. Note that it is possible to use two batteries on some mods (up to sometimes 4). If you are used to vaping in Sub Ohm and with a high-power electronic cigarette mod, it is essential to choose batteries with extreme performance, and resistance to more than 20A of CDM.

– Test before vaping

Finally, before leaving to vape intensively with your new battery, remember to test it, gradually increasing the power and observing the heating. You will quickly identify the limits of your battery.