How to Choose an E-Cigarette

How to choose an e-cigarette

First you need to understand that the electronic cigarette is not a toy. This is a serious thing and requires a corresponding attitude. In order to make the right decision while choosing, you should consider two things:

– How many cigarettes you smoke per day
– How much money you are willing to spend

Generally speaking this is enough. To consider the color and accessories preferences is your business. White and color models are better suited for neat people. For those who will not quiveringly treat his e-cigarette, it is preferable to choose the black version or models with metal surface (polished, chrome-plated, etc), as they have a higher practicality – resistance to external influences and mechanical damages.

The choice of liquid
While choosing liquids for electronic cigarettes, pay attention to three points:

– To select the proper strength you need to know the content of nicotine in tobacco cigarettes that you smoke. In principle, you can do a calculation: the nicotine content in your cigarette pack, multiply by 30.
– Taste : The range of flavors is very wide: berry, fruit, tobacco, miscellaneous. For the first time it is better to take a few different liquids. Be sure to include a set of the most popular flavors, for example, Marlboro.

Simple design for effective work
The work of e-cigarettes is based on the inhaler principle, during “vaping” the liquid tucked into e-cigarette turns into vapor, that looks like tobacco cigarette smoke and exhaled by the smoker. The device working is provided by battery that can be manual (smoked during simultaneous touch of a button) or automatic (smoked automatically when tightening). Today, there are a lot of innovative models of electronic cigarettes with the original principle of action.
But, regardless of the model, the design of any electronic cigarette is a combination of two main parts: the evaporation system and battery. In modern models, evaporation system is presented by clearomizers or atomizer with tank-refill cartridges and replacement evaporator. We can say that the basic element of any electronic cigarette is vaporizer.