Two main families of mods exist on the electronic cigarette market: Mechanical mods, devoid of any electronic chip and electronic mods equipped with chipsets! This printed circuit, responsible for sending the power to heat the resistance, offers a host of securities to the vaper. But it also makes it possible to warn the latter when a malfunction is detected by the battery of the electronic cigarette.

Many vapers have encountered certain messages and in particular the “Atomizer short” vape alert on their electronic box mod . There are also many pages on this subject and a whole bunch of opinions on vape forums that deal with this problem. This message displayed by your box appears when a problem occurs with the tank of your electronic cigarette. The causes of the appearance of this message on your battery are sometimes unclear… Don’t worry, your we will give you our opinion and the procedure to follow.


When they address the various error messages that may appear on your e-cigarette and more particularly “atomizer short”, the user manuals of electronic cigarette manufacturers are rather lapidary. They only evoke the possibility of a short circuit within your atomizer, without further explanation. Concretely, this short circuit can come from two main problems with the electronic cigarette. 

As soon as your electronic box indicates “Atomizer Short”, the latter goes into safety and prevents the user from vaping. To solve this problem, there are some simple manipulations to perform on your electronic cigarette. 


In any case, we advise you to proceed methodically if the message “Atomizer Short” appears on the battery of your electronic cigarette. Indeed, a short-circuit problem can have serious consequences for your vape and for your safety.

At first, simply try to unscrew then screw back the atomizer of your electronic cigarette, taking care to clean the connection pad as well as the thread of your box. For example, you can use the corner of a sheet of paper towel. Liquid can sometimes clog these parts, preventing them from communicating properly. If after removing the residues of juice on the pad of your e-cigarette, the problem persists, be sure to screw your atomizer properly into the battery. Neither too strong nor too far, but all the same until the first resistance felt, so that an optimal contact takes place between the mod and the tank.

If despite these first steps, nothing changes, you can try to optimize the contact between your atomizer and your box. The connection pads of some 510 atomizers can indeed be lengthened using a simple screwdriver. Play with the pedestal until you get the length expected by the base of your box. You can also clean your resistance with a cloth and check that the cotton it contains is not too dark. Our opinion is as follows, if the cotton is slightly yellowish the resistance is still good for several uses but if it is brown, then the coil of your vaper is at the end of its life. Some classic and gourmet liquids loaded with aroma clog the coils of your vapes, as do some concentrated aromas for DIY.

Finally, if despite this “Atomizer Short” is still displayed, this means that you must say goodbye to the resistance of your electronic cigarette!


In all the cases described above, we recommend you take all the necessary precautions when handling objects powered by an electric battery such as an electronic cigarette. It will always be better to throw away a resistor for a defective e-cigarette rather than exposing its security.