Heets tobacco

Without a doubt, the near future of smokers will be the Heets tobacco. This is corroborated by the Mega Millionaire Project that Philip Morris has underway to develop the new Marlboro electronic cigarette (IQOS electronic cigarette). The investment he is carrying in this development amounts to more than 18,000 million CADs. They have also brought together 400 expert scientists in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, food engineering and regulation, among 40 other disciplines to develop the “tobacco of the future.” The operational base of this megaproject, which aims to change the immediate future of smokers, is called “The Cube”, and is located in a suburb called Neuchatel.

According to Marlboro, the electronic cigarette with real tobacco is no longer a mere futuristic idea, in fact, they have just launched the new electronic IQOS Heets tobacco cigarette, which is the result of the investigation they are carrying out.

Sanitary restrictions, smuggling and the global fall in tobacco consumption are motivating large companies in the tobacco sector to change their strategy.

The new electronic Heets tobacco sticks called Heets Marlboro IQOS mix the lifelong cigarette with the electronic one, which is the result of an investment of around 3,000 million CADs. And about 8 years of research.

The “key” of the new electronic cigarette iQOS is in the lighting of tobacco. Unlike the traditional cigarette in which, when ignited, it creates combustion and with it hundreds of toxic gases, in the new iQOS there will be no combustion, thus “eliminating” all the toxic gases that the traditional one does.

Through a pocket charger USB connection.

The packets can be purchased at the tobacconists just like traditional tobacco and, the new Iqos, for now, will be marketed by the Marlboro brand itself.

We work on promoting these IQOS Heets tobacco cigarettes by launching our offers for the Canadian market and placing them on web platforms for free access.

We will do our best to target them toward the right tobacco admirers who turn to the taste of IQOS Heets tobacco cigarettes. Welcome to us!