You’re tired of smoking and want to quit but you can’t find the best way to do it. A solution that could help you: the e-cigarette. Indeed, some people are reluctant to take the plunge for fear of the disadvantages of this little gadget. However, the vape, commonly called “electronic cigarette” attracts the attention of smokers who want to give it a try and quit smoking once and for all.

It is, therefore, necessary to look into the subject and find out how to use this vaporizer correctly? How to choose it well and know everything about vaping and e-liquid.

The electronic cigarette: an effective and easy-to-use tool

You should know that it is quite simple to use an e-cigarette. The vape called an e-cigarette is an electronic device that generates a vaporizer to be absorbed or inhaled. It gives off a vapour that is visibly similar to the smoke of a classic cigarette. It is possible to flavour this vapour with fragrances of fruit, brown or blond tobacco, according to everyone’s choice, but also to add nicotine or not.

Unlike the smoke created by a normal cigarette, this fume is not charred tobacco and does not have tar or carbon monoxide. Nevertheless, it contains toxic or carcinogenic molecules, but in small quantities compared to the pipe or the cigarette. Most of the time, it is often considered to be a less dangerous alternative to tobacco.

Its use is very simple, all you have to do is press the switch, the button on the electronic cigarette. Thus, the battery heats the resistance implanted in the clearomiser where the e-liquid is located. Through this process, the latter metamorphoses into a gas to be inhaled.

What you need for vaping:

To do so, here are the necessary materials: a battery, an e-liquid, a charger for the battery, and a clearomizer equipped with resistance. There are already specific e-cigarette kits that are already equipped with useful accessories to start a vape well.   However, it is still recommended to have additional resistors, as their lifespan is not unlimited.

Comparison of the sensation with an e-cigarette and a traditional cigarette:

The e-cigarette indeed provides a sensation almost resembling that of an ordinary cigarette, it is a real avant-garde technology. Inhaling vapour gives you real cigarette-like sensations and impressions. You feel the smoke in your throat as with a real “cigarette” and you can then spit it out on the exhale.

Know that there are several different flavours from each other for the e-cigarette, on the other hand for tobacco, apart from tobacco and the classic cigarette, there is nothing more. To feel the taste of the cigarette freshly, it is essential to have good equipment. There are shops where you will find effective and suitable e-cigarettes so that you can enjoy vaping and quitting cigarettes and tobacco without oppression.

E-liquid: what is it?

An e-liquid is a mixture attributed to electronic cigarette devices. It is mainly composed of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, combined with aromas, which are sometimes alcohol, nicotine or not.

This solution is poured directly into the tank of the clearomiser and is then heated to a temperature of approximately 70° by the battery, to then be transformed into gas or vapour ready to be inhaled.

Is vaping dangerous for health?

To date, this subject is very vast, because indeed, no study or research has been able to confirm or deny this point.

According to many respiratory specialists, vaping is less harmful than smoking a cigarette. Indeed, a cigarette is composed of more than 4000 poisons and toxic agents that seriously harm the health of not only the active smoker but also the passive smoker. Be aware that among these toxic agents, carbon monoxide can cause long-term cardiovascular problems, tar causes lung problems. On the other hand in the vaporizer or e-cigarette, there are none of these agents. This deserves consideration!

This is why it is recommended for tobacco smokers who want to reduce or inevitably stop vaping. It is good to know that even if you are sick for example while you are a smoker, it is better to vape than to continue to take and smoke tobacco. Indeed, in general, smoking does not in any way promote the healing whatever the disease. We indeed observe a decrease in lung capacity in the smoker of the electronic cigarette, but it is distinctly less than when this person begins to inhale the smoke of a traditional cigarette.

 In short, vaping is a good alternative to quitting smoking, however, it is best not to abuse it too much, because any excess is harmful, and it is well known. At present, no substitute for smoking cessation is more popular and attracts as much attention from smokers seeking to reduce their consumption as the e-cigarette or the electronic cigarette. So much so that it has become a real trend among smokers who want to change their way of life, to have better health. 

Therefore, if you also want to start a new healthy life step by step, without rushing your daily routine too much, vaping the electronic cigarette is recommended. Also, it will be necessary to know how to gauge your vape consumption to avoid possible damage to your health, even though the electronic cigarette is less harmful than the traditional cigarette.