imageA tube format is a form of an electronic cigarette very appreciated by those accustomed to this type of equipment. It can also be recommended for a novice who wants to switch from regular cigarettes to vaping. However, it is better to learn about this style of format before you start using it. This is why you are invited to follow this guide.

Good reasons to choose a tubular e-cigarette

Often considered to be all-in-one equipment. An electronic cigarette in tubal format contains the necessary elements to enjoy pleasant sensations with each vaping. The product does not require any specific settings to operate correctly. In addition, it can remain discreet throughout its use. Note that the low weight of this type of e-cigar allows it to be used in various situations without having the slightest concern.

Equipment can also be easy to maintain. Indeed, you should have no trouble dismantling it for each element as well as the interior of the main body. This also makes it easy to replace the resistor, which is considered a consumable. The rig can also produce the amount of vapor you need every time you vape. Added to this are incredible sensations, no matter what flavor of e-liquid you use. Getting to grips with the product will not take much time even for a novice. 

The basic components of a tubular electronic cigarette

Two elements generally ensure the proper functioning of a tube format e-cigarette. We can first mention the clearomizer which forms the upper part of the product. This element alone contains the resistance and the tank as well as the mouthpiece of the equipment. The first two each have a specific role, including the following:

  • The reservoir contains the e-liquid to be vaped;
  • The resistance participates in the production of steam.

The second basic component of the product is the battery which is tubular in shape and fits effectively with the clearomiser. Normally, the battery works by heating the resistance of the device. Thus, you must take into account the autonomy of this accessory before buying an electronic cigarette with a tube format. Simply plug it into a micro-USB port to charge it. Note that the battery power is expressed in “mAh”.

How to use an electronic cigarette in the form of a tube?

It is recommended to check the condition of the battery and the clearomiser before using a tubular e-cigarette. This guarantees good vapor production with each vape. The product will also offer good sensations whether with flavors or nicotine. Just press the “switch” button to enjoy a good time with the electronic cigarette. Remember that no fine-tuning is necessary before vaping.

In addition, the life of the resistance must be taken into account to avoid any discomfort during the use of the product. Note that a faulty resistor is easy to recognize. Indeed, this can manifest itself in several forms such as the deterioration of flavors. We can also evoke the sensation of a burning taste as well as the reduction in the quantity of vapor. Point out that the life of a resistor can vary from 1 to 3 weeks. It depends on the model you choose and the conditions of use of your e-cigarette. 

What type of electronic cigarette tube to choose?

Electronic cigarettes in tube format can be shown under three distinct categories, including the following:

  • The simple category: a simple electronic cigarette is recommended for indirect inhalation. It is able to reproduce the same sensations as conventional cigarettes. Best to use e-liquids with high nicotine while doing tight draws. This will guarantee you smooth vapor with every vape.
  • The advanced category: this type of tubular e-cigarette is perfect for direct inhalation. The product shows itself mainly with a fairly large format. Just perform airy draws to get more power with the vapes. In addition, it is better to use e-liquids with a low nicotine level unlike VG (vegetable glycerin).
  •   The expert category: as its name suggests, this last category is recommended for experts in the field. For this option, you will be entitled to a rebuildable atomizer that you must mount for each use. This choice of an expert e-cigarette is not recommended for a novice.

The criteria for choosing an e-cigarette in tube format

Battery life is the first point to consider before buying an electronic cigarette with a tubular shape. Note that the product can reach up to 3000 mAh if you opt for an “expert” model. In any case, an autonomy of 1000 mAh can be enough for occasional use. As for a regular smoker, it is better to choose between a power of 1000 and 2000 mAh. For intensive use, just choose a battery life above 2000 mAh.

The power of the resistance is also to be taken into account. It usually depends on the power of the vape and the style of inhaling you need. Note that the accessory value may be less than 0.5 Ohm or greater than 1.0 Ohm. The last criterion to take into account is the e-liquid capacity. For example, you should turn between 2 and 5 ml to easily enjoy your e-cigarette.

What e-liquid used with your electronic cigarette?

You will enjoy a good feeling with the product by taking the time to choose the e-liquid carefully. It is wiser to choose liquids with VG (vegetable glycerin) less than 50% if you have a simple e-cigarette. Also, nicotine can be potent to get a better flavor payoff.

For the other categories, it is on the rate of PG (propylene glycol) that we must be careful not to drown the resistance. Therefore, this element must be less than 50% to avoid the slightest discomfort with each vaping. Regarding nicotine, it is more advantageous to choose fairly weak liquid.