Electronic-Cigarette Imitations

Electronic-Cigarette Imitations

The Chinese company Ruyan introduced the electronic cigarette into the market and has been marketing e-cigarettes and similar products since at least 2004.
Nevertheless, if you look attentively at a list of the actual top electronic cigarette brands, you may not even see their name.

And this is in spite of the fact that Ruyan holds patents for the e-cigarette around the world.

The problem is that imitated products are a clever strategy of sales in China. Most people tend to get cheap and not expensive. Ordinary customers do not thing of the quality at the first moment, they think of the sum they can definitely save and buy something else.

Producing cheaper products, the imitators get a huge benefit.

Many companies have occupied e-cigarette manufacturing that some vendors in the United States and elsewhere are now basically selling low-cost fakes of fakes.

But it does not indicate at once that a smoker is advocated buying an expensive e-cigarette kit just because the vendor is a reputable “name brand.”

Even when bought from China’s top manufacturers, the wholesale price of an e-cigarette kit is often very cheap. Shopping the preferred kit at the best price will increase the vendor’s profit margin. This reasonable price for the most kits is actually the most you should be willing to pay.