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eFox eCigs

eFox eCigs

Chain smokers are always tough to convince. For them, there are no better choices for a very good smoke. However, with its next iteration of a modern E cigarette, they could now have an authentic tasting alternative complete with the real oral fixation every smoker desires.

There is always a risk with every habit, e-cigarettes just made it much more accessible. Nothing is better than just a single stick of this electric counterpart. Even after buying a kit, the 10ml bottle of liquid eJuice can last 10 or more cartons of cigarettes. A portable charging kit can also give incredible power; you could have the power to smoke equal to numerous packs of cigarettes even when you’re far from a power outlet.

So eFox eCigs is one of the choices available in the market. With a domain first registered in 2010, the eFox eCigs website occupies the decent position among the oldest e-cigarette websites in the United States. Until recently the company offered three-part e-cigarettes with disposable cartridges rather than upgrading to the cartomizer-based e-cigarettes most companies now do.

Although eFox offered its e-cigarettes at not expensive prices, we could understand one thing that disposable cartridges generally generated poor results so it is not always possible to recommend. All of that has changed in 2014. With a new product range and changed website, eFox eCigs is back and ready to take control of the big players.