What is Dry Hit? So, no, it’s not the name of Sissy MUA’s latest bodybuilding program (even if it would fit pretty well), but it is indeed a phenomenon that you can encounter with your electronic cigarette. If you have only had your vape for a few months and you are not yet familiar with the device, you may sometimes feel a burning taste on your electronic cigarette. This feeling is not very pleasant and it can cause you to cough or irritate your throat. This is not necessarily due to a bad choice of e-liquid or to a failure of your vaper. Before explaining to you how to avoid this burnt taste, first of all, what is the dry hit electronic cigarette?

What is dry hit or burnt taste?

Vaping connoisseurs will use the term “ dry hit ” to refer to this phenomenon. “Dry hit” is an English expression that can be translated as “dry hit”. In a broader sense, we can say that you are vaping in a dry element, resulting in a smoke effect, but which is not the vapour of your e-liquid. This burning taste sensation on a new resistor, for example, which arrives in the mouth can be explained by the fact that the resistor has heated up, but that it has not been properly supplied with e-liquid. The resistance will then heat and burn the cotton or fibre. In any case, as soon as you feel this dry hit, stop vaping directly, as this generates an unpleasant sensation in addition to ending up damaging the resistance.

If the cotton has burned, you will have no choice but to replace your electronic cigarette resistance. Indeed, if this phenomenon occurs, it is because there has been a hiccup in use with the electronic cigarette at some point. So let’s see together the causes of a dry hit and all the solutions to avoid this mishap!

Dry Hit: what are the causes and how to avoid them?

It is often repeated that it is the badly soaked wick which creates this phenomenon of a dry hit. This is indeed one of the reasons that produce this phenomenon. Behind this bad soaking, it is possible that the tank is not sufficiently filled or that the resistance is no longer functional. You will have to stop vaping and react so that this dry hit does not happen again. Here are some tips from great vapers and great vapers, but also manufacturers, so that this problem no longer haunts you when you vape.

Check the amount of e-liquid in the tank:

This problem does not necessarily come from resistance. Indeed, when you feel a heat stroke, the beginning of a dry hit, what you must do first sees the amount of e-liquid in the tank. When the cotton wick is not well impregnated with e-liquid, the resistance will heat up without vaporizing liquid, which will create this burnt taste. Remember to fill your tank as soon as the quantity reaches a third of the maximum quantity supported by the clearomizer or atomizer. Even simpler, assume that the liquid level must always be above the openings of the resistance allowing the cotton to appear. Thus, you can be sure to avoid the burnt taste on your vaper! Prevention is better than cure, as my mother used to say.

Start your electronic cigarette resistance well:

Do you have a new resistor? Don’t rush when using it for the first time! There is nothing worse than having a dry hit on a new coil. If it is not properly primed, it may produce this dry hit. To do this, put a few drops of e-liquid on the wick and fill the reservoir. Wait a few minutes (20, at least, you can never be too careful) for the cotton to soak up well before vaping. It will also be necessary to opt for low power use at the beginning and gradually increase to the power recommended by the manufacturer. Also, take the opportunity to clean the clearomiser. 

Adjust your inhalation according to your electronic vaper:

If you are a vaper or a vaper fond of direct inhaling, you will tend to make strong, long and successive inhales. On material not suitable for this type of vape, this will not allow the cotton of your resistance to re-soak correctly between two inhalations and you will have this burnt taste. In this case, you must either adapt your style of vaping to your resistance or choose your material according to your preferences of vape. In this community of vapers and vapers, we will have those who inhale directly to the lungs or those who prefer indirect inhalation from the mouth to the lungs. If you have less powerful equipment, we advise you to adopt indirect inhalation or to do gentle vaping with spaced suctions. For those who make strong and prolonged aspirations, you have to find resistance to direct inhalation, offering a sub-ohm vape. 

Golden rule: turn off your electronic cigarette!

Yes, yes, here I am going to talk to you about my experience. When you store your e-cigarette in a pocket, bag or fanny pack, please turn it off! And this, for two reasons: either your box will go wrong and vape on resistance at 200W while it accepts a maximum of 50, it stings the sinuses a little. Either, the fire button may be activated during a fortuitous press, and there, it is the drama. Despite the 10-second protections of many boxes and electronic mods, this will be enough to generate a dry hit that only a change in resistance can resolve.

So! You know everything about dry hit and the burning taste, how to avoid it and how to fix it! Do not hesitate to tell us your anecdotes of vapers and vapers.