Nowadays, vapers are not only looking for a cheap e-cigarette, but they also want to have a designer electronic cigarette. Only here, are all the forms that vapers take suitable for all vaper profiles? Let’s get this straight with our comparison of e-cigarettes by design!

Electronic cigarette design: the e-cig in all its forms

For some, vaping has become more than a way to quit smoking. Sometimes erected as a passion that would almost become a way of life, vaping fascinates vape enthusiasts. Sometimes a smoking cessation tool, a beautiful object that we take pleasure in displaying, the electronic cigarette takes on various forms, from the simplest to the most extravagant. The design of the electronic cigarette has not been thought of at random: you might as well know how to choose your e-cigarette according to your preferences because we all have them. Who says design says ergonomics. And here again, this is a point that proves to be essential!

There are several models of electronic cigarettes depending on the importance given to one detail or another (shape, colour, size, etc.). But, the preference can also be justified by the typical profile of vapers that is ours (beginner, experienced, expert). No question about buying a super-powerful box mod if you have never vaped and are highly addicted to nicotine! All you’ll get is mistuning your vape and coughing with each draw, which could lead you back to tobacco smoking. Follow our advice to choose the best electronic cigarette for heavy smokers who are starting vaping! All the designs of cig kits are not suitable for beginner vapers. The purpose of this article is precise to present to you some models of e-cigarettes and the profiles for which they are intended.

Attention! If the vape becomes trendy and nonchalantly exposes itself on social networks with cloud chasing with impressive clouds of vapour, we must not forget its goal: to allow smokers to say goodbye to tobacco. Yes, the electronic cigarette is a method to quit smoking. Under no circumstances should it encourage young people to take up nicotine! If you are a non-smoker and you are offered to vape an e-liquid containing nicotine, refuse. Nicotine is an addictive substance! If you are under 18, you are not allowed to buy vaping products. It is for this reason that 

Slim electronic cigarette design

Beginner e-cigarette models are the easiest to use. They don’t need to be powerful, especially if they’re meant to vape nicotine salt e-liquid. Beginner e-cig kits often take on the appearance of a slim electronic cigarette with a battery topped with either a pod or a clearomizer.

Electronic cigarette that looks like a cigarette

Vaping is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. If in its infancy, smokers looked with a funny eye at the first vapers, it is now part of the daily life of many ex-smokers. If what bothers you about the e-cigarette is that its appearance is not close to that of a cigarette, know that there are models of electronic cigarettes that look like a cigarette. This is for example the case of the eRoll MAC Joyetech kit, a small thin e-cig, in the shape of a tube, like a cigarette. Super light with only 17 grams, this fine electronic cigarette is held between the fingers like a cigarette. For smokers who do not like box mods at all, which they consider to be too bulky and who want to have a gesture close to that which they have when smoking, this type of mini e-cig kit which looks like a cigarette is a good compromise to quit smoking!

Fine electronic cigarette: mini e-cig pod kit

Manufacturers of vaping equipment have taken over a design of electronic cigarettes appreciated by novice vapers: a pod system mounted on a thin battery, to compose a thin and compact vaper, is very easy to use. If you’re looking for an ecig pod kit with an understated minimalist design, no buttons, and suction that kicks in automatically, there’s the Oby 500mAh Aspire Pod Kit. The pods are disposable and feature built-in resistance to avoid the hassle of changing resistances. This is typically the kind of best e-cig pod kit to start vaping! If you are looking for the best electronic cigarette for a heavy smoker, it is also towards this type of model that you must turn (not very powerful ecig, with resistances of 1-ohm minimum), to buy nicotine salts e-liquid.

Do you want a designer electronic cigarette with a pod system? Our latest favourite is the Vaporesso PM40 40W Luxe Pod Kit. This mini e-cig is visually stunning with a choice of patterns, each more impressive than the next. It’s a cheap e-cigarette that sends quite a power level (40W) given its small size. It is for this reason that it will also appeal to vapers who are used to vaping, especially since it allows you to vape in sub-ohm and thus produce a nice thick vapour.

Design electronic cigarettes for expert vapers

No more small electronic cigarettes or even intermediate models, what you want is vape equipment for the pros! Are you looking for the best electronic cigarette expert? When vape passion takes over, vapers prefer by far expert vape equipment, often composed of a powerful box mod and a sub-ohm clearomizer or a rebuildable atomizer. The kind of little marvel that makes it possible to compose a powerful electronic cigarette, and tailor-made if you buy the box and the clearomiser or the reconstructable atomiser separately!

On the design of the electronic cigarette side for expert vapers, the choice is wide! There are large double-battery box mods as well as small single-battery boxes that are much more compact and lightweight. It’s up to you to see if you need a 18650 battery (or 21700 depending on the model) or two batteries for your e-cig depending on your vaping habits.

Best designer electronic cigarette for expert vapers

Here are some ideas for composing the best designer electronic cigarette:

  • Box Dotbox 220W Dotmod + Kylin M RTA Vandy Vape rebuildable atomizer = a beautiful and very elegant powerful box, associated with a design RTA atomizer, with the superb 810 drip tip. For those who want to vape with class!
  • Aegis X 200W GeekVape Box + Zeus Sub-Ohm GeekVape Clearomiser = Aegis X 200W Zeus Sub-Ohm Geek Vape kit, a powerful electronic cigarette, waterproof, shock and dust resistant, which is also a great design! Its large colour screen is just superb!
  • Thelema DNA 250C LostVape Box + Crown 5 Uwell Clearomiser= a superb 200W box mod whose racy cutouts go perfectly with the design clearomiser that is the Crown 5 Uwell.
  • Box Gen 220W Vaporesso + Dead Rabbit SE Hellvape dripper = the combination of the power itself and the design atomizer by definition! A winning combo for power vaping enthusiasts!

Best electronic cigarette pod design for expert vapers

As we know, even expert vapers are getting into pod e-cigs! To vape in nomadic mode, do you want to slip a small e-cig pod kit into your pocket rather than your big powerful electronic cigarette? We have what you need in a pod version for pro vapers!

Here is our selection of cheap e-cigarette pods for advanced vapers:

  • Eleaf iStick T80 80W GTL Tank Kit: 80W of power and 3000 mAh for the built-in battery, all with a design that slams. Who says better?
  • Voopoo Drag Max Kit: this pod-type design electronic cigarette sends up to 177W and is equipped with ultra-low resistors for crazy cloud chasing!
  • Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit: its mini size surprises us because this little e-cigarette pod goes up to 80W! The box is equipped with a colour screen for even more class.

Just because e-cigarettes are a way to quit smoking doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with them! On the contrary, it can help you not to fall back on cigarettes. nico