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IQOS is an electric tobacco heating device used with special tobacco sticks. They need to be purchased separately, like regular cigarettes. IQOS is sometimes confused with electronic cigarettes and vapes. There are definitely visual similarities, but according to the principle of operation, they are radically different from each other. Instead of liquid, there is natural tobacco, and the temperature is clearly regulated by smart electronics. Well, there is no doubt about the quality of tobacco. Already what Philip Morris understands is tobacco.

HEETS – Tobacco Sticks for IQOS by Philip Morris International. Filled with natural tobacco. Designed exclusively for electronic heating of those who order cheap Heets online. Structurally, the sticks resemble small filter cigarettes, but the tobacco inside is not cut into strips and randomly stuffed into a paper wrapper, but has a longitudinal direction and laid in stripes along the axis of the stick. Something like a loose cigar in a paper shell. But is different to attract the users who order cheap heets online.
The main difference between IQOS and cigarettes is that in the stick, tobacco and paper around it do not burn. If tobacco smolders in a cigarette at a temperature of approximately 800 degrees, then in IQOS it is heated by a ceramic element to a temperature of 300 degrees. The moisture that is contained in the tobacco begins to evaporate and, in fact, you draw in vapor with a tobacco flavor and, of course, nicotine.

That is enough to attract people who want to order cheap heets online.
How to smoke IQOS to get more smoke?

Blow the sharp edge holder before use;
IQOS ought to be cleaned routinely, ideally after each utilization. Be particularly cautious with the base of the radiator holder.
The crate of tobacco poles heets is isolated into two compartments – a vacant space is appropriate for utilized bars in spots where there is no ashtray. You can meet heets some place;
When obtaining IQOS, consistently request the first sequential number and affirmation of procurement, despite the fact that you never again need to contact customer support.