Can we mix e liquids?

Many vapers ask themselves this question at one time or another in their vaping practice. If a priori, mixing the e liquids does not pose any problem, it remains preferable to observe a few basic principles to take full advantage of the flavours and pleasures of your e liquids .

Respect database compatibility

A priori, nothing is opposed to the association of several e-liquids: these are products that do not present any particular danger to be mixed. Everything is possible!

But to mix several e liquids, we advise you to choose them with bases of identical PG/VG proportions. You can thus mix a 50/50 liquid with another 50/50 etc.

On the other hand, if you mix, in equal proportion, two e-liquids with a different PG/GV ratio, you will obtain the average of the two. For example, by mixing, in the same quantity, an e-liquid in 50/50 with another in 80/20, the result will be an e-liquid with a PG/GV base of 65/35.

In addition, you can also decide to combine liquids of the same brand and different flavours. By combining liquids of similar brands, the mixture will indeed be even easier because it will be more homogeneous.

Be aware, however, that it is quite possible to mix the brands: it’s up to you to decide what you want to get! The only way to know the result is to practice.

Why mix e liquids?

There are several (good) reasons to mix liquids! First of all, it may just be a matter of taste: you want to discover new flavours and have new taste experiences.

Likewise, perhaps you wish to give a particular note to your e liquid , by adding a few drops of another e-liquid such as a touch of hazelnut to your chocolate-flavoured e-liquid.

Another reason to mix liquids: you want to finish a stock of e-cigarette liquid that does not completely satisfy you. By using your e-liquids aside, you can thus sell them by marrying them with others to create a new juice!

Finally, mixing several liquids is an excellent solution for vapers who want to refine their nicotine level. For example, by mixing an equivalent quantity of an e liquid at 3mg/ml and another at 6mg/ml, you will obtain an e liquid at 4.5mg/ml. This technique thus makes it possible to vape an electronic cigarette liquid whose nicotine level is not necessarily commercially available.

How to mix e liquids?

Before you start, it is better to think about the proportions beforehand. Thus, if you wish to add a simple note of vanilla to your coffee-flavoured e-liquid, remember to dose a greater quantity of coffee-flavoured e-liquid compared to your vanilla-flavoured e-liquid.

In addition, before playing the apprentice chemist, remember to equip yourself and in particular to protect your hands and eyes. Due to the presence of nicotine or concentrated aroma in the e liquid, avoid direct contact with the eye and the skin. Put on a pair of gloves, as well as protective glasses: you are ready!

To start, the idea is to make your mixture in an empty bottle: and then make your dosage according to the desired result. Once the operation is complete, close the bottle and shake it well, then let your preparation rest for a few hours before testing it.