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Buy vape mods Online UKA mod is in a general sense a battery or battery pack of an electronic cigarette, a kind of engine that drives the entire vape device. The first modes were distinguished by extremely poor functionality. In essence, it was only a “case” for a battery with a built-in LED, which had the ability to light up at the time of dragging. Over time, fashion improved, there began to appear more advanced designs. Mainly, manufacturers sought to increase the power of mods of electronic cigarettes, “make” them produce more steam, work longer. There is always a need to Buy vape mods Online UK, this is a fast and affordable way to purchase.

Following this, other needs emerged – consumers requested the ability to independently and quickly replace the battery, and best of all to charge the battery themselves. Such mods exist nowadays and are used for such popular types of cigarettes as, for example, Joyetech eGo One, Joyetech eGo One Mini, Eleaf iJust Start, Joyetech eGo Aio. The battery capacity of these mods of electronic cigarettes varies from 850 mAh to 2600mAh. The mod can show a charge indicator, it has a button for turning on and off a device, and in fact, everything. Some advanced mods are equipped with an electronic display, such as in the Joyetech eCom Supreme cigarette. This mod, like the previous ones described, has a micro-USB charge slot, a device on and off button, as well as a small screen that displays information about the number of draws made, the amount of battery charge, and power and voltage indicators.

The form of fashion is usually cylindrical and elongated, in appearance resembling a cigar. Such mods are often referred to as “newbie recruits”, as they are more restrained in functionality, easier to use and, as a rule, cheaper than box mods.

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