Buy mods for vape online only from trusted sellers

We offer dotBox 75W mods for vape online. The design of these beautiful mods was developed by specialists from dotMod in San Diego, California. The compact and stylish case of this box is made of anodized aluminum in various colors and is equipped with a smart chip with many functions, the device is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included) and provides 75 watts of power.

Key features are the power curve function, setting the power according to the tightening time; – lock function and timer at the touch of a button; temperature control; the contact group is plated with 24k gold; door with magnets.

We already offer more modified mods for vape online. Almost all mods are equipped with electronic control, which allows you to customize your gadget to your needs and control its performance. In modern box mods, there are functions for adjusting power and voltage, monitoring battery charge, thermal monitoring, and protection against short circuits.

Typically, a box mod looks like a small box of rectangular or square shape, the dimensions and dimensions of which make it convenient to hold it in your hand. The case is made of steel or heat-resistant plastic, and can be made of wood. Steel casing is more reliable.
The battery can be built-in or removable and this parameter must be taken into account when choosing a box mod. If it is possible to constantly charge the battery, then you can choose the built-in, if not, it is better to removable.

The liquid tank can also be built into the box mod, or it can be a separate device (atomizer, tanker, clearomizer), which is wound on a special opening of the box mod.
When choosing mods for vape online, you need to focus primarily on your needs. Because there is not just one and the best device. Someone needs a compact device, for someone the ability to wipe for a long time without recharging is very important, and for someone the appearance of this device is very important. But no matter what box mod you choose, do not forget about safety – buy mods for vape online only from trusted sellers.