Electric Cigarette Injector

Bluetooth E-Cigarette

Bluetooth E-Cigarette

When connecting the BEC Pro to your mobile device, you’ll see a screen that records your e-cigarette usage in real time. This screen shows the duration of your last puff in seconds along with the current voltage and wattage of the BEC Pro, the resistance of the connected atomizer or cartomizer and your total number of puffs for one of the selected days.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find five buttons. These allow you to adjust the settings of the BEC Pro and see a complete track of every puff recorded by the device.  As for SMOK, the second and fourth buttons help to allow you to schedule your vaping procedures and change the color of the device’s LED.

The BEC Pro app makes controlling the device very easily; instead of pressing a single button hundreds of times to adjust the power level of the BEC Pro, the app allows you to do so by dragging sliders. For capricious smokers, though, the real attraction of the BEC Pro is its ability to track the number of puffs taken each day. Once you’ve gathered a large data set, you can display a graph tracking your usage and demonstrating your progress toward any nicotine reduction goal you might have.

The Bluetooth connection also means this Supersmoker can double as a wireless speaker. The sound quality is most certainly awful given its size, but you can’t argue with a little background music while you’re taking a smoke break, even if it does make you look like a lunatic.