All about resistors, how to choose?

While the number of cigarette smokers continues to decline, the number of vapers is indeed increasing! You are part of it but you are not yet up to date on all the subjects revolving around the electronic cigarette, including the usefulness and the choice of a resistance? We will explain everything to you !

1. What is e-cigarette resistance?

1- The definition

Any good explanation is inevitably accompanied by its pure and hard definition. In the dictionary, the word “resistance” is associated with the following meaning: “Quotient of the voltage U at the terminals of an ideal resistance by the current I which runs through it. (R = usI, which is the expression of Ohm’s law.)”. For any neophyte in terms of technical vocabulary in the vast electricity sector, this definition is not enough to clearly explain the usefulness of a resistor. So, you should know that electrical resistance is useful for measuring the ability of a component of the electrical circuit to oppose the passage of an electrical current. This measurement is expressed in Ohms.

This resistance, also called “wick” or “atomizer head”, is one of the main elements of the electronic cigarette. Without it, no e-liquid consumption is possible. Indeed, screwed to the clearomiser of your electronic cigarette or MOD, the resistance will then be put in direct contact with the battery, which will then take care of supplying it with electric current. When the vaper presses the ignition button of the e-cigarette, the current flowing from the battery to the resistor will then allow the latter to heat the resistive wire provided for this purpose, under the effect of the heat generated by the current. The e-liquid, in which the thread soaks, will then be vaporized when the temperature has reached a certain threshold.

2- Its usefulness

The e-cigarette resistor is part of the heart of the machine and is essential for its proper functioning. As said before, the resistance will create a heating point within the electronic cigarette thanks to the battery. More clearly, when you press the button of your e-cigarette, the battery will send sufficient power to the resistance so that it can begin to heat the liquid placed in the tank. This will then lead to the production of steam.

By definition, the choice of resistance will therefore define other factors such as the temperature of the vapour, the restitution of the flavours of e-liquid or the quantity of vapour exhaled by the vaper.

2. Why be interested in e-cigarette coils?

So you want to embark on the “DIY” adventure in terms of e-cigarettes? You have come to the right place. Indeed, you will have understood it by browsing the brief explanations found above: the choice of resistance is essential if you want to guarantee yourself an experience that is not only pleasant but above all adapted to your desires and your needs of the moment.

Choose your resistance according to your own criteria

– The mode of adjustment of your battery:

  1. If the battery that makes up your MOD or electronic cigarette is equipped with a mode opening the possibility of adjustments, (such as voltage variation, modification of the power in Watt), the recommended resistances must be greater than the value calculated at a 1 Ohm.
  2. On the other hand, if your battery is not adjustable, then you will have to adapt the measurement of your resistance and favour wicks with a value greater than 1.5 Ohm. If you still decide to use a resistor with a value lower than that recommended, you run the risk of damaging your equipment, especially since all batteries are not systematically equipped with a “circuit breaker” system. in the event of an incident.
  3. If you are equipped with a MOD or an electronic box, you can rely on the instructions for your machine since the value of the resistance supported will depend on the host tool, that is to say, say from the box or the MOD itself. Indeed, some MODs or boxes can withstand resistances at a lower value (less than 0.1 Ohm, in particular).

– Mouthfeel:

When talking about electronic cigarette resistance, certain terms are inseparable, such as the notions of “hot steam” and “warm steam”. In some cases, the clearomiser and the resistance must be accompanied by an additional wick, due to the presence of the resistance in the upper part, closer to the mouth. In this case, the wick serves as an intermediary and allows the liquid to be able to rise easily towards the resistance. We then speak here of “hot steam” since the resistance(which heats up, by definition) is near the mouth which inhales the steam. On the contrary, when the resistance is screwed at the level of the lower part of the clearomiser and therefore moves away from the mouth, we then speak of “warm vapour”.

– The amount of steam:

The closer you get to the lower values ​​(eg 1 Ohm), the more abundant the vapour will be. So it’s up to you to choose what type of experience you want to favour during your vaping sessions!

– The restoration of flavors:

What you just need to know is that the more vapour there is, the more intense the flavours will be!

3. Frequently Asked Questions

1- Which quantity of Ohm to choose and what is the difference?

As explained above, the value in Ohms measures the heating capacity of your resistor. When the value is less than 1 Ohm, it is called “sub-ohm”, and you should know that it will cause a higher quantity of heat, which will lead to a more abundant production of vapour. Moreover, a sub-ohm value, compared to resistance with a value greater than 1 Ohm, will tend to impregnate the vapour more intensely at the level of the throat if the liquid contains a fairly high dose of nicotine.

Thus, it is recommended to use a resistance at the low value with an e-liquid whose nicotine is also at a low quantity (for example 3 mg/ml). Also, it should be noted that sub-ohm type resistors require more power (in Watts) than their high-value counterparts. They need more energy to be able to start heating.

2- Which wattage should I choose?

The resistances of good quality are sold accompanied by a notice of use. The manufacturer then indicates the “range of use” recommended for the resistance in question and calmly guides the user. The range of use makes it possible to highlight the power that the e-cigarette can support.

If you decide to go beyond the recommended power, then you risk seriously damaging your equipment. However, you can absolutely go below the maximum authorized Watts.

3- Which liquid is best suited to my resistance?

This is one of the big questions that vapers come to ask themselves one day: which e-liquid should you choose? The answer lies in Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) levels.

  • For resistances at the low value, which therefore require more power and lead to the production of more vapour, which consumes the liquid more quickly, the PG levels must be low to be able to take full advantage of the experience.
  • On the other hand, the higher the value of the resistance, the more it will be advisable to opt for fairly high PG levels, in the same way as the nicotine levels in the e-liquid.

4- How do I properly install the resistance of my electronic cigarette?

On the occasion of the very first use of the resistance, make sure that the wire of the resistance is well soaked in the e-liquid. If this were not the case, you could damage the resistance from the first inhalations. This principle is called “priming”. So how can you be sure of a successful first start? At the end of the installation of your resistance and its wick in the liquid of the electronic cigarette, wait a few moments, so that the wire can take the time to soak up the liquid.

5- How long can I keep the same resistance?

It all depends on the use you choose to make of it: the more you heat your resistance, the more it will be stressed and, by definition, the faster it will wear out. Other factors must also be taken into consideration such as the quality of the material purchased, but also the liquid with which you filled your tank. About the question of the liquid introduced into the electronic cigarette, the life of the resistance can be reduced in the case the levels of GV (vegetable glycerin), present in e-liquids, are too high. Indeed, an e-liquid with a high dosage of GV can cause the resistance to clog and thus reduce its life expectancy. Apart from a few cases like the latter, we can determine that a resistance lasts on average 2 or even 3 weeks or more before having to give way to one of its sisters.

When the resistance reaches the end of its life, certain signs can put you on the alert and push you to change equipment such as:

  • A reduced amount of steam.
  • A taste is similar to burnt.
  • Altered flavors.

6- How can I best preserve my resistance?

To hope to prolong the life of your electronic cigarette coil as much as possible , several simple but very effective solutions are available to you:

  • Apply when ” priming “.
  • Do not indulge in the practice of ” chain-vaping “, this practice which consists of taking several puffs in a row, without giving the resistance time to recharge in e-liquid, we then speak of ” dry hit “.
  • Avoid too great powers of vaping, which wear out the resistance much more quickly.
  • Remember to check the level of e-liquid in your tank since the ” dry hit ” incident often occurs due to a lack of liquid material.

7- Can the resistance be cleaned?

The answer is… quite simply yes! You will not need more and no better than a little water to clean your resistance if the latter is not damaged. Otherwise, cleaning will do nothing.

4. Do your own resistance

Do you feel like going solo? Very good choice, if you have the necessary information. Indeed, while many vapers indulge in the joys of electronic cigarettes and electronic boxes ready to use upon receipt, others like to specifically adapt their equipment to their needs. In this case, we will then speak of a reconstructable or repairable atomizer.

If the rebuildable atomizer is more expensive at checkout, it is ultimately much more economical and even ecological in the long term. Besides, the advantage is in the customization of the resistance, which greatly improves the vaping experience. Several assemblies are envisaged, according to the desires:

  • The assembly is called “genesis”: is difficult to set up, this type of assembly is reserved for seasoned and very well-informed vapers.
  • The “bottom coil mono” type assembly: this is one of the most fashionable assemblies and consists of placing the coil of the resistance at the base of the atomizer itself.
  • The “bottom coil dual” type assembly: here, two coils are used and placed at the base of the atomizer.