The e-cigarette serves as a springboard for many people who want to quit smoking. But the transition is often more difficult than expected because an electronic cigarette is not a real cigarette.

Yet the effects are similar. To approach this delicate passage and quit smoking with peace of mind, we offer you some tips here. With a little psychology and a lot of common sense, your transition will be seamless.

The e-cig is different from the cigarette but the effect is the same

Smokers are often taken aback when they try an e-cigarette for the first time. Since they have a machine in their hands, and not a real cigarette, they subconsciously think that the effect will be different. This is a tenacious prejudice because an e-cig produces a “hit” and delivers nicotine.

Smokers, therefore, pull hard and for a very long time. Not only is the nicotine supply not optimized, but the device quickly begins to heat up. The metal of the clearomiser burns the lips, the vapour becomes hot and unpleasant. Quickly, they put their electronic cigarette aside.

Learn how to vape to get the most out of your electronic cigarette

Vaping requires a bit of mastery to be enjoyed and enjoyed. The best way to optimize your nicotine intake is to pull long and very slowly.

If you don’t hear the resistance “sizzle”, you are pulling too hard. One last tip to know if you are vaping correctly: instead of pulling like a cigarette, let the vapour come into your mouth.

Get a tailor-made “hit” with your e-liquids

For a smoker, there is nothing more frustrating than not feeling the hit. We pull, we pull and then the sensation is not strong enough. So, we give up. However, the hit can be controlled easily.

In addition to the power of the box, look at the PG / VG rate of the liquid. The more the ratio leans in favour of PG (Polypropylene Glycol), the more the liquid will give a better hit, but the less it will produce smoke.

Invest in a good device

Like the liquid, the quality of the material influences the “hit”. Invest in a good box and in a clearomizer with dual coil resistors to have an optimal result.

If you plan to make the complete transition between cigarettes and e-cigs, plan to mount a second cigarette in the event of a breakdown. Otherwise, you will retouch tobacco against your will.

A smooth transition rather than a sudden stop

You have invested your savings in an e-cigarette, but you continue to smoke almost half the time? Don’t consider it a failure. The total cessation of smoking, unless you are a monster of motivation, is very violent for the body.

Take the time to take ownership of the device and create a new routine. Focus on what the e-cig brings to your life. After a while, without realizing it, you will want to smoke less and less.